Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a quiet moment without a buzzer going off in my pocket....

Just for a moment
I walked away from technology
to rediscover the quiet...
I have rambled through the house
written a few more Christmas cards
rediscovered some favorite books
piddled around in my studio in the quiet solitude
....sudden realization that my sewing machine is 19 years old
called a long lost friend in Arizona on Christmas eve...God I miss her smiling voice
slept on the floor with the dog and cat under a very old hand made quilt to watch old movies
resisted some of the many treats left from the holidays
avoided phone messages from unsolicited callers
avoided my surveys...when the heck do they start paying me???
Just for a moment
I reassembled my dining room table embracing the simplicity of less
I disassembled my daughter's wedding dress train...spelling?...
to make a smaller version of her wedding dress to be employed as her christening dress
small...serene...simplicity that was worn over five years ago in the same church
wedding and christening
ritual and synchronicity united in peace
Just for a moment
I sat still
watched the deer crossing my hillside at dusk amidst the soft fluttering snowflakes
I watched as they searched in the snow for a green morsel of one on my numerous plants
the young bucks have saved their racks from hunters and only appear when they feel safe
the quiet dusk sky envelops them in a blue gray blanket of the night
tomorrow is a full Blue Moon to embrace the coming of a new year.
Just for a moment
I sat still.
Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. There is much to be said for lack of technology (I truly am a luddite at heart!) and the quite that come with it. Being up at all hours of the morning (it was 3 a.m. when the body decided it was *ready* today!) I have grown to love the perfect quiet of no cars, no nothing other than hearing the sleety/snow hitting the studio door and the sound/smell of coffee being made. And when I can get to the wet studio to work, that will be nice too. Complete peace.....there is a lot to be said for that creatively, isn't there??? :)
    I am ready for the New Year and pray is it better for ALL of us!!!!


  2. Sitting still is so wonderful, and becoming harder and harder to do; that is, sitting still without being in front of a computer or some such other device.
    Happy New Year, and good riddance to 2009!