Monday, December 14, 2009

52 degrees and the sun came this really December?

Last week I was digging out every hat,scarf and gloves I could find to keep myself warm in 60 mph winds here in Newark! Today it feels like Spring is just around the corner. Who knows what we will wake up to in the morning but today was perfect for making the trip to the hospital for Ken's check-up and final results for his gout condition. Most patients with unknown condition to me... are over weight and over indulge in excessive foods and alcohol...Ken barely has a glass of wine three times a year. The doctor advised us of how we can better control the progression with diet and one pill to lower uric acid levels to avoid further bone corrosion. We then hit a restaurant for a late lunch and went in search of the Spider Man Bike with training wheels. Shazam! we were lucky and it came already assembled...YAHOO!

We stopped by Erin and Chance's house to check on the little man...Mr. Cole and he cheerfully announced he did not throw up in his bed today. The house was in typical Holiday cheer with toys and cookie spatulas to enjoy playing with as they listened to Christmas songs. I always feel better after a visit to the house filled with my grandchildren...the smiles say it all. When I came home Tina asked me to meet her for a cup of coffee with her three girls ...yes I was very tired but I went anyway and had a wonderful surprise. I ran into a dear woman who worked with me over 10 years ago and she was out with her church group having a present exchange and bite to eat to celebrate their friendship. Annis is now confined to her walker and bed most of her day...she has a terrible fear of falling. Bur her joyful smile and warm hugs anointed me with her positive energy . I am now home with hopes to finish my cards and mail them out tomorrow. Whew where does the time fly? If I did not have to sleep....I could get a lot more completed! LOL! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The cards are beautiful Mary Helen! And yes, I often wish I did not NEED sleep, because I have gone so many nights without it, I don't want to *not sleep*.......maybe that makes sense! Seems we need 24 hr. days at this time of year!
    I have comments shut off on todays post, but i discovered this a.m. that I was featured on "She Who Blogs" so quickly inserted that link! YAY!
    Take care of yourselves---I should be back on blog Monday or Tuesday, as far as visiting.


  2. Mary Helen, I was hoping to get a glance at your handmade cards and YES, I found them! WOW is all I can say about them. I love how you utilized your punches and what a collection! How clever. Tell me, did you glue all your punched elements on the cards or did you use those dots? Great designs!