Friday, December 25, 2009

Joy rising in the hearts of many...Merry Christmas....

I was up late last night putting small details on the final Christmas packages and more important aspirations for every person who enters my life's circle...remember Venn diagrams in grade school?... each person's gift of humanity graves my very being. We awake early to get showers and a quick cup of coffee to fortify the physical body as my I dress in my Stewart plaid and red tee to brace for a whole day of Christmas cheers. We woke to a down pour in rain that would have been at least 12 inches of fresh snow if the temperatures would have been a wee bit lower. I do love a White crystal blanket of reflective snow for the Christmas morn but driving could prove to be more dangerous and I did want to be with my grand children as they woke to the sounds of Christmas. Erin and Chance met us at their door with hugs and kisses as we witnessed the landscape of torn wrapping papers on the red woolen carpet and bits of strings and ribbons fluttered around their Christmas tree. Hot chocolate with fresh whipping cream atop the mug warmed us against the cold, damp chill in the air as we were given an intimate view through the eyes of small children the glories of this morning's offerings. Cole had received an amazing new playmate ... a computerized triceratops that will move, sing, eat, and even burp...this delights a two 1/2 year old to no end. He and his patient father began assembling a wooden fire truck with what seemed to be in a million pieces and too numerous screws to count much less install. Young fathers who hold and touch their little ones trying to assist and help Dad ...these men are priceless and grow larger in stature and in heart when they hold a small hand so gently. Serenity and peace nurtures us all as we support young parents doing the best they can to create a safe home and make ends meet. Erin made cinnamon spiced french toast with her homemade wheat bread, an egg and cheese casserole and sugar maple crisp bacon. The table was completed by the other set of grand parents and the circle of loving family embracing the moment and creating a heart memory.

The day was young but I was on my way to make a heart's stitched memory for many that I did not even know...Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for anyone who needed a helping hand. Seventeen turkeys and fifteen large hams in pineapple sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing and gravy, green beans seasoned with ham bits and hot rolls and butter. Desserts were both homemade and donated from several local bakeries and each was more enticing than the next. Hot coffee, sweet, sweet fruit punch and sweet iced tea were available to complete the meal celebration. Skip Salome and his entire family were up at three in the morning putting the final touches on the turkeys and side dishes and the crowd of volunteers eagerly greeted our wonderful guests and meals were boxed up to make door to door deliveries throughout the entire county. The room radiated kindness and White Light of possibilities for all present. Multiple generations were engaged in giving outside the self to others who may be alone or down on their luck for this moment in time...there but for the grace of God goes I. Harry and David's distributing center made beautiful baskets to be given to each family member to take some holiday cheer and sweets home with them. From eleven to three p.m. the room was bustling place to work and the hearts were warmed by experience and the dedicated volunteers who worked hard to make the day Christ was born was his day to give us his life so we might live in peace. I came home exhausted but so grateful to be able to contribute to this banquet and spiritual ritual of community. My gratitude is for the Salome families who came together to make a difference and allowing me to share their offering.

I also met with a young hero in my life...a Black Hawk pilot/officer Natasha Wortman who is home for a short visit with her family. I met her when she came in the gallery right before her deployment and she touched my heart with her dedications to man and country. A small unassuming young woman with grace and strength and she was there to renew old hometown connections. I made arrangements to meet with her next week so I can create a assemblage dedicated to her service and exhibit it in My exhibit next May..."Whispers and Echoes of Women's Work". She was amazed that I had remembered her after about 18 months since our meeting. Who could forget this remarkable young woman?

I was so exhausted I came home and had a pecan pie and quickly feel into a deep sleep. Ken and I exchanged small gifts this evening but the whole day had been the greatest gift we have to give those we love...our time. We watched a delightful movie "Julia and Julie" about Julia Child and a young writer trapped in a life draining job in a cubicle...haven't we all experienced a job like this once in our lifetime. The blog was a third character in this movie about perseverance and dedication...I really found this movie to be delightful I am so tired and need to return to bed for some much needed sleep. Imagine and LIVE in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful day MAry Helen!!!! You seem to bubble in your words!
    Love your Stewart plaid; the same as Mom's family's tartan. Somewhere, I have my grandfathers olf woll Stewart Tartan I wonder where it is.....???
    Love the dinosaur! What a dream-toy for small kids or big! (ahem!!!)
    Lovely post.......makes me smile. :)


  2. what a wonderful holiday! I came to your blog by way of another and I cannot recall whose blog that was:) but I'm glad I did.
    take care!

  3. Patti you are most welcomed! any time...I am trying to be focused as I enter the new year under the blue full moon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart