Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a cold gray day...but we may have snow soon...

I need to make my Goodwill run to check for a few more vintage fabrics, buttons and handmade design elements. In my background I am hearing the news about Afghanistan and sending in more troops...we have so much unemployment in our country ...could we begin here in our home country and attempt to solve the issues we have never faced before in my lifetime. I pray for Obama and his dedicated staff he has around him in these darkest of days. Iraq, Afghanistan and what will we be asked to fix tomorrow? ...and can any of this really be fixed and repaired equally for men, women and children? I believe in the power of ONE but it is issues like today's dilemmas appear to be overwhelming. My brother reminds me that we need to care for our young ones and young families, remain involved in making our community a healthy environment for all and then give back where we can to world events. I think I am a bit overwhelmed so I need to get away from the news and back to meditating with my quilting stitch at a bead at a time.

I have written a letter today for recommendation for a high school senior applying for an Art scholarship at Ohio University. I have known her for seven years and appreciate her progression and acceptance, her embracement of diversity. Her parents are very supportive of her dream to explore a life in the Arts and her father is a painter and jazz musician. The gap between the" haves"and the "have nots" is growing so making the cost factor a deciding factor for who will go to college or art school. As an artist who worked on campus and had two part time jobs back in the 1970's I was lucky enough to graduate without enormous loans that would have to be paid back. I am sending out white light of possibilities for her acceptance and assistance into this program.

The full moon was glorious last night and Dog in the Hole blogspot reminded me of my fascination for the Native Americans beliefs about the movement and importance of the Full Moons. I may try to create a line of ATC's ...something small , immediate and do-able to celebrate the power of lunar cycles. I had sort of forgotten these folklore legends ...I attempted to write a poem for the month of January back in 1990...I hope I can find was before old typewriter was all I had. Each month's Full moon was a physical and spiritual affirmation for the indigenous peoples to plant, hunt, harvest, and celebrate the gifts of Nature. Beside the pull of the ocean tides and poetic inspiration for artists in their travels and works the sciences are just beginning to really understand our connections in the Universe. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I firmly believe, at some point, this country has to face the fact that we cannot fix OTHER countries when we refuse to fix ourown. I have so much respect for our President, but I know how military leaders can skew facts, wants, makes me retreat into a world where I can function for a while without interruption.
    I hope your letter helps the young lady into art school. I never had that opportunity, and as you said, with the widening gap of haves and have nots, I wonder where and what the arts will be 10-15 years from now. We lived in a golden age I think.
    Love your fiber is most comforting!
    Now back to the sofa to snooze off a migraine...and if you get snow and I don't, well, I'm throwing a FIT!!! LOL!!!!


  2. It's comforting to read your posts. I feel like I've had a cup of tea with you, we've taken a little break, brought each other up to date and then push up from our chairs, hug and go about the rest of our day.
    I love the idea of a poem about the full moon.
    I love the idea of a story or anything that brings the magic of the Native American name, for the full moon, back to our consciousness. :)Bea