Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a day in the memory of the human heart....

I have heard the grumblings from others who are out in the mass humanity trying to buy the most perfect and latest electrical miracle for their personal computer whiz. The streets are becoming a wee bit congested and a little slick with the arrival of our first ice and sleet storm. I understand the lines for cashiers to check out with the treasures you may have selected for your family members are terribly long and at times extremely slow. I have been out of this loop... and if I allow myself to get caught up in this frenzy I would begin to experience this artificial crazed urgency to spend, spend, spend money I do not have!

Today I found myself back in time.... in the awe and optimism of a child's heart when they first meet Father Christmas and he arrived in your own living room. I studied this gentle man; this Father Christmas who invited each child to come up to him in his big brown leather chair by a beautiful Christmas Tree aglow with sparkling lights and silver trims and ribbons. An intimate mothers group pulled off a "miracle" in their loving circle of friends and families with a special Christmas breakfast complete with sugar cookies, hot chocolate with huge marshmallows and peppermint sticks and too many wonderful goodies to list here. The children were gracious and curious about the secrets each shared with Santa. The gleeful sounds filled the room as each child opened a special gift selected just for them and was listed on that particular child's wish list. After the last couple of days to be able to be with those that give me life and joy...I felt a release from the weights of burdens and anxiety. when facing tomorrow's unknown fears. I allowed myself to live in the moment with a joyful heart. Music filled the rooms as the small wee ones rushed to the next exciting adventure or an imaginary trip in Peace with Bud Lightyear...with sound effects included. Yes, Ken and I are excited to be with these small angels guiding us to remember these special heart memories and to "listen with your heart".

Yes, I do know I have to get back to work on my self imposed schedule to get my images completed and make my vision visible to share with others. The slow meditative movements in making the quilting stitches and then adding affirmations onto the surface with carefully chosen beads and natural design elements. I am planning on taking my work with me tomorrow when we return to the doctor's office for the information and results that were disclosed. I am hopeful that this simple motion with a needle and thread will ease the intrepitation I am feeling... the feeling that is creeping back into my spirit. I hope you can see the Joy I experienced today in my photos. I am going to work for a short time tonight and re-tune my batteries and energies. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You have a plan. You will put your energy and focus into your work. This is good. It will center and calm you. It will allow you to surround your loved ones with loving light and energy. This too is good. And, while you are doing that KNOW that many are holding YOU and your LOVED ones in the light, too. And, this is good. :)Bea

  2. Dear Bea...you kind words are guiding me to serenity as I reread them... white light is powerful and we are never alone in our journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  3. Looks like a magical day that came at just the right time for everyone young and old. Hope the appt tomorrow goes well - we'll be thinking about both of you. Julie

  4. I love the photos....that is what Christmas is about---not debt and junk and fighting over the last whatever.
    Take care dear, as I am trying to myself. Sick again; surgery scheduled for a week from today. I am having doubts.....
    Do your work and know you are in my heart! It functions when my brain does not. And big hugs to Ken---I hope things are going better!!!

    XXOO!!! ((((((HUGS!!!)))))

  5. The pictures themselves are magical, and really capture the childhood wonder that I certainly felt when I was a child.
    Thinking of you right now, hoping for the best.