Saturday, December 12, 2009

the presents lay on my floor as I begin the wrapping ceremony....

I have made my piles of individual hand selected presents for each grandchild. Financially it does not add up to the stimulus package the media is sending out in commercial propaganda. I have been out of work for almost a year now and guess what I have survived. I am making more gifts this time as well as my cards for family members. I am not buying into "the more the better" push and instead have looked for special gifts to share with the kids and know just being with them is the greatest gift...loving the time together. My family is blessed and we have everything and more than we need so now is the moment to make the change in ourselves we want to see in the world. I am ready to carefully wrap each present to match the child's wide eyed wonder of shaking the package and trying to guess. I did find a camera for the middle one but Ken said we need to go out together and find a sturdier one and less the big $$$. I have been trying to handle this end of the the Holiday preparation so he can stay home and regain his strength. He has never liked the stress of the check outs and huge crowds at any time so I am a professional and get in and get out. Tomorrow we will search for the special two wheeler for a very special little boy and then we will be finished.

Ken and I will serve dinner on Christmas day at our local Elks on Christmas to about 300 families and shut-ins so everyone can have a blessed celebration. We did this last year and I felt honored to be able to give back to my community. I know we have high unemployment and jobs are few and far between. Hopefully with the opportunity to retrain and re-educate a new career may be the chance to do what you love and love doing it. I have time to do my work and concentrate on my vision's focus and of course my family. Ken made his world famous fudge and caramel corn for individual gifts for those who help us throughout the year. The kitchen was filled with a glorious chocolate aroma and I got to clean the pan!!! Life does not get better that this. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Gary and I were talking last night about our *forced downsizing* of decoration, and how we liked the tiny tree....he said he didn't know what it was that made it so nice. I told him; "Because I have not spent two weeks killing muyself with decorating and being mean in the process!"
    Commercialism is a trap that is quite fall slowly, and suddenly you realize you are sucked in and cannot get out. I am with you on a smaller Christmas, the importance of what REALLY MATTERS, and leaving the rest behind.
    We may be having a cheese platter and cocktail weenies on Christmas, as I'm not sure if I can stand to cook and you know what? That is fine! Truly, it is fine!
    Hugs to you and Ken, and health blessings to you both.


  2. I have come to visit you via Seth's blog. Your words and great attitude have moved me. Blessings of wellness and joy to you, Ken, and all you love,