Sunday, December 13, 2009

a day of wrapping and making homemade

I watched Angels and Demons today as I punched brightly colored papers and collaged them for homemade cards for my brothers and sisters. Last year I had bought those special reflective stickers and jewel crystals to add pizazz for the child in all our hearts. I am sure the girls will love receiving their own mail to celebrate the upcoming holiday break. I am saving the cookie making for when they get out of school after Friday...two whole weeks to get ready. I am not so sure the parents are as thrilled as I am but I will find some different avenues and art projects to keep us out of too much trouble and away from the shopping malls.

Tom Hanks always ends up with a beautiful woman to share his latest Dan Brown exploits in the Vatican in Rome, Italy. I had read the book which as usual the book is better but the scenery of the streets , fountains and cathedrals were filmed beautifully. I felt an immediate need to somehow get back to Italy asap....I love walking the streets where the greatest artists once lived, worked and created their masterpieces. I found myself studying the faces of stone angels and saints as several of my artist friends are creating ATC's with the theme of invisible guardians we have become familiar with...the angels. Christmas cards that reflect the masterpieces and visions of angels have always been an inspiration to me. Synchronicity is sending angels out into the universe and one angel leads to another. Artist Trading Cards are small 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" works or play... in creating small works to exchange with one another. I have employed them in my teaching classes for over the the last 15 years...everyone seems to be so pleased when something they work collaboratively to create turn out so beautifully. I will photograph some of my cards and ATC's tomorrow and put them on the blog to share ... it is late and I need to get to bed.

Tomorrow we meet with another doctor and then spend our time finding just the right bike for our grandson. How did I get anything done when I worked five days a week. Seriously I have neglected my big projects to work on the family items I am making for the holidays and Baptisms. Ken is still very tired as he should be...but has dedicated his time to read and evaluate his students journals and final take home exams. I try not to interfere with his concentration and give him space to concentrate. I would have appreciated a teacher like him during my under graduate programs. He really reads and comments on each student's evaluations and give solid feedback with his over 35 years of experience in the classroom.

I do so love my small small Christmas tree on our dining room table...there are small mementos from our life together. I have always loved getting a balled tree to be planted later in our wildness...special morsels for the deer to munch on. We have a huge tree now...well it is huge from the middle of the tree and up. Below the middle of the tree has been nibbled away by mysterious little deer elves. I should be angry but I find these creatures so peaceful and they were here in the woods way before we were. They sleep right off our deck in the front of the house and on the sloping back hill watching us through our windows...we are deer entertainment on the local Deer Channel. Now I am being just silly so it is time to read my daily blogs. I have so much to be happy about and the Christmas holidays fill my heart with JOY! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I wish I could join you and the kids at the table making Christmas crafts. What fun! A deer has scratch his antlers on MY WILLOW TREE!!! Do you think he had a headache? Apply some willow bark to head. sigh..... now I have to get some paint, seal it up and wrap the tree so there is no more damage. The deer have very kindly just eaten the BACKS of my pine trees. Pine trees that the garden center assured me the deer didn't like the taste of. hmmmmmmm At least, the front of the trees are pretty. :)Bea