Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday with the Artie girls...

I met with Tiffany Aumann today for lunch along with my girls...I soon realized they (my grand daughters) do not "share" me very well with others. Chris Lang was having lunch at Skip's and we all collected ourselves and shared a quick bite. Tiffany is busy with her interviews for our Advocate...which I agreed to try a subscription once again after many missing newspapers. Chris shared how they were working on their home with new sidewalks...she never wants to move again because of all the work they have put into their home. We shared the passing of a year since our dear friend died from breast cancer and Maya asked me questions I could not answer...why do we lose a 42 year old mother? Skip's Deli was busy with art camps and business luncheons and it was almost like old times. As I drove past the new location to show the girls I felt that pang of disconnect; life goes on and change is inevitable but I really loved seeing my people every week and making personal connections with our community. Life changes and I have to accept and move on. I do think I have because when talking with Tiffany she asked me how I ever did my work before now? This week has been full and next week after the summer school program we are headed over to COSI to take in the second part of the Egyptian summer in Columbus! I am as excited as the girls to see the next chapter through a scientist/artist eyes.
I am still working on an idea to finish a piece for tomorrow intake...but if I don't feel that it is of value I can always enter next year. I am interested in the Postcard exhibit with Willa and Stephanie...maybe because of the intimacies in small works and a good memory of the student exhibit I was privileged to see when I was in London a few years back. The freedom and the mystery of maybe a not so recognizable technique or style made it a refreshing pause for the artists eyes to rest and discover. I am so tired but I realize I am giving the girls memories and to be honest I am getting spoiled by the "rush" they express when we play with a new we almost finished our Beach bags for their upcoming vacation to South Carolina. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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