Tuesday, June 30, 2009

quiet time with a dear friend...revisiting the LCA June exhibit 2009

I met a dear friend today for lunch and we shared quiet intimate conversations in the cool air conditioning and were not uncomfortable with silent pauses in our dialogue. Summer pleasures are often simple and yet so vital for a sense of renewal to help an artist continue to cherish and nurture our Focus. Gail shared an incredible collection of vintage postcards and beautiful hand written envelopes with stamps from another time. Her family stayed connected with these simple postcards that traveled across the country to send information of passages and new arrivals all for the cost of one cent! I fell in love with the screen printed colors and designs of these small works of art and historical dates since the early 1900's. It was foreboding to read messages from Honolulu in 1937 through 1940. In a brief examination... my brain was already sorting and arranging by decade or location or world event. I know I will spend hours scanning these precious gifts to incorporate into some of my own fiber journals. I also received a delicate silk sarong to incorporate in my ensemble for my working women ... I could never wear this small clothing item but will totally enjoy working with this delicate fabric!

After our lunch we spent an hour visiting Le Fevre Gallery at OSU to study the LCA June exhibit for 2009. At the opening with all the excitement I never feel that I can really SEE the works of my friends newest works and appreciate the diversity of my hometown art community. I will try to describe and name some of the pieces but there is no way to cover all the pieces in this small gallery. The best of the show was created by a newer artist (at least to me since I am not in the gallery every day) named Walter Weyrauch and his painting "Cabbage Slicer" ...I also feel in love with his painting "Dutch Lane Winter". His photo realism and detailed brushstrokes enhanced his compositions with layers of almost melodic color play on his canvas. Be sure to spend some time when you return to the gallery for a closer look of his style and intimacy. Emily Talbott has an incredible collage "Tribute to Gees Bend" and as she grows as an artist I am enriched by her depth in perception with these scraps of paper narratives that speak softly but tell the story in a bold voice of accomplishment. Tony Reynold's Curly Maple Table stood and held court in the center of the gallery but I was totally surprised by the omission of his new wood turned vessel names "Rebirth" . (Every one has a right to their own opinion) Marilyn Stocker's "Send in the Clowns" demonstrates her skill as a Master artist and well deserved dedication to her growth as an artist. The honorable mentions were Melissa Winters doe "Assemblage", my dear intern who now stands alone as a CCAD student Bethany Craig's self portrait, Earl Duck's "Pennsylvania Station" completed in oils (and I am amazed it has not sold yet); James Hatfield drawing "turtle" and Jennifer Nobles intimate photo of "Sweet Summer Corn". Bravo to all the artists who won and shine like the stars they are. Everything comes from the work!

We stepped outside to be caressed by a almost perfect summer's day breezes and I enjoyed the blush of colors outside the gallery in their garden. I came home with a serene sense of well being and again I say everything comes from the work!!! I went to Good Will and made a few selections to add to my art stash and worked on my rusting process...this takes patience and I want to play with transfers and inks ...layers and layers ...process is the journey. Tomorrow I will share a couple more of the members who created wonderful processes. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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