Monday, June 8, 2009

I am on a quest....

Today was a mixed bag... physically ...for me. I am always learning the same lesson over and over and still...I forget. I know they have initials in the education systems that describe my reluctance to remember to stay balanced but I find that I get so engaged in a process that I forget my ABC's in living with Lupus.
Tonight I wrote in my little black journal book with appreciation for the gifts Broadway gives us; I may not get to New York every year but I do so love seeing the vignettes from the best of the very best theater has to offer. Billy Elliot won for many reasons but seeing the opening collaboration and the renewal of my favorite "Hair" and "Mama Mia" energizes my spirit.
I went upstairs to the studio tonight and well I am still purging too much "stuff" and clothes as you can see in my photos of inspirations. I found an article that I felt was a gentle reminder that I could fight this "collection obsession" but it may be useless. I was reading my latest Art News magazine and found photos and an article on another artist who loved collecting inspirations. Francis Bacon kept his London studio floor covered with boxes of inspirations pieces and processes. I wonder if his family members ever came to visit and a rush to CLEAN everything...what would people say? if they say my mess. Bacon was very secretive and worked rarely from life, instead he drew from his chaotic collection and archive of materials. Many of his inspirations took on relic significance with the torn edges, scrawled messages and folded images that became art in their own. I will have to work out some kind of compromise so Ken will let me stay in the house. Imagine and Live Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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