Sunday, June 21, 2009

my prayer for the fathers in my life...

My life has been blessed by the ones we know as Fathers. My Father; James Barry was a persistent determined man who overcame a lifetime of physical issues and pain and yet he often worked two jobs to support the six of us and provide everything we might need as we grew into individuals who create a better world because of our Father. Lord knows he was not a perfect man and growing up in the 60's with six children, was a crazy time with division in values and opinions. After 30 years with Dupont he and my mother began a second childhood where they bought a motor home and set off to discover America and Canada. I was completely overwhelmed when he made this purchase but I looked forward to their traveling "phone call" journals as they discovered a second ongoing honeymoon. I miss him every day and feel he is guiding me as I experience my 50's and into my 60's. I love Dad and plan to carry you with me until I move on from this earthly home.
This morning I took two of my favorite men out for Father's Day breakfast...Ken and Mr. Don. No neither one of them is my father but they have modeled without words how to be a better parent and grow as a grand parent. The sun filled the room with a radiance that you could almost touch as we gather in communion of friendship. Ken guides and helps me to be all I can be and give back to my family, my community and my world. Don at 84 is like a very special godfather who loves me enough to tell me when he sees me out of line. I don't agree with these men even half of the time but I know with respect and understanding we can all support one another as we move into our next chapter of our lives. Living in a state of grace is an optimum focus and goal for everyone and with a loving hand we can continue to make our sacred marks in the Art world.
This afternoon we spent time over a Mexican Taco Fiesta with Erin and Chance in their new home...oh so close to our home at least for now. The children spark us with new energies as we share time over a wonderful meal, checking out the garden on the side of the house, swinging way too high for Grandma and feeding Baby Morgan her first strained peas. Simple gifts but oh so incredibly priceless. (Morgan did not really like the peas but she valiantly smiled up to me as she tried them ...these green squishy vegetables.) Dessert was a summer favorite for all of us...fresh strawberries with Cool whip and angel food cake! The family room floor was the center of our family stage as we took turns wrestling, reading, practicing my putting with Cole, and just loving and appreciating the gifts of our families united in Love.
Today was as close as a perfect Solstice day; the first day of Summer 2009 and I realize I didn't need to see Stonehenge...there were miracles right before my eyes. Happy Father's Day to all the men I love and four brothers. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. What a touching and inspirational post. I can see why you would want to post it again. I take it your father has passed away. If so, please accept my deepest sympathy. I can tell your love for him has/had no bounds.