Wednesday, June 24, 2009

exploring the resources available (for now) in our library

Tonight I had the honor to share my passion for quilting "outside the lines" with about 20 intent viewers and listeners. The library had three programs going tonight for free...Russell Merritt was demonstrating drawing, I gave a lecture and power point in the children's room (perfect for me) and a third group was gathering on the second floor. Recent recommendations cutting the library resources by 50% have threatened the gift of having a free public library for everyone...where will our youth end up? How can the unemployed find public use of computers for job searches? Will heaven forbid, the doors be forced to close at least part of the time? Life is very uncertain for so many opportunities that I took advantage of as a young child. Be sure that your voice is heard and write Governor Strickland and tell him how you appreciate the communal opportunities the Newark library offers families living behind the eight ball.
We worked together on a small travel journal today and Maya is just itching to make her first collage. I did take them to the pool for two hours and I can already see improvement i confidence and endurance in both girls. I am not too sure those "floatie devices" do not hinder real progress in mastering the art of a good strong swimming stroke and treading water when one tires. Baby steps and each day brings a step up to overwhelming a fear of water. Maya swam her two laps today with a real sense of accomplishment. If it rains tomorrow we will work on "painting" reflective water and continue working on their wooden paper dolls that are really quite sparkly and bright. I am so tired from this busy day but will catch up tomorrow. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thank you Ken and Maya for helping me tonight with my presentation. You two are awesome and I am so grateful to have you working along side me....what a pleasure!

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