Monday, June 15, 2009

A real summer vacation...

I have been so busy in the past I have failed to understand how "summer" is celebrated. I picked up the girls after their morning summer school reading program and "they got to ride a big yellow bus!" We met with about 20 or so other parents at McDonald's for a quick lunch and then we were on a quest to find just the right bathing suit for South Carolina! Maya went with me and we made our selection and Sabrina went with Grandpa for her private Battleship tournament...the game I have is 39 years old; back from when I started teaching and it comes in handy now for the grandchildren. When we arrived back to the house we had a quick Fashion show and then the girls discovered their own art table on the front porch. They sketched with water color pencils and sipped iced tea and listened to the newest baby Carolina Wrens. I went in for a short little nap/lay down while they created a time of their own and were making portraits. We made a healthy snack, made packing plans, thought about beach bag designs for each child and before we knew it we were headed home to see their parents. Tomorrow I will spend the afternoon with Sabrina to find the perfect suit and beach towels and goggles to match. Then I will drop them off and head to Buckeye Lake for for my meeting with LCCVB board and then head home to get some of my work done.
This is a special summer because they are all growing so quickly and I am slowing down in so many ways. I want to give them the time they deserve for their heart's desires and memories. Time is the only present...the real gift. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

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