Thursday, June 25, 2009

technology and social networking...making a choice to be connected

I attended my third web cam broadcast with Ohio Art Presenters Network and 12 wonderful people interested in making the very best connections on a very cost effective and financially strained art supporting economy. Jerry Yoshitomi and Christy Farnbauch outline ten things we need to have on our home page to demonstrate the needs, causes and results we aspire to when we support the arts. The need to simplify and document who, what, when and where the funds go in supporting and photographs with the personal stories that relay a third party endorsement for fund raising in very difficult times. We were shown several diagrams that simply express the framework for SUCCESS and comparisons of networking with these evolving social networks. Personalize and segregate your email lists to fit individual needs and wants of your patrons. We had a five segment diagram of a donor model and the example given was how the Philadelphia Orchestra customizes the same program/music for individual audiences. This inspires more action and participation by fans who will hopefully join in on online conversations around your mission and programs. Fan participation and feedback is something I will work to add to my small baby steps in social online networking. Face book may be something I investigate in the near future and even look into Twitter as a third concise manner to stay connected with my connections with my blog and AQN and select project circles...I am still learning with each new blog and website I hear from in this ever growing circle of like minded individuals. Trust me staying on the pulse of "networking" is a wee bit overwhelming but I am finding others who are willing to assist me in this journey. For those who stop by once in a while on my blog I do attempt to show the personal and authentic; the good and the bad; the risks I am willing to share with others. My comments may be few and in between but more readers are comfortable with personal emails to ask questions or make suggestions. I still only want to spend one hour on the computer and the rest of the 23 hours in a day experiencing and living in the present moment. Thank you for your patience and support. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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