Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stonehenge on my mind....mystical. spiritual or scientific

Tomorrow is the Summer's solstice and we will welcome the beginning of our beloved Summer. Anything is possible as we embrace the warmth and promises of what Summer may bring to us. I have always dreamed of visiting Stonehenge on this sacred day when we begin the longest day in our summer celebration. I know very little about Druids or Wiccans so to speak but rituals like this have always intrigued my sense of adventure and wonder...what if? If an outsiders would look into Catholicism there would be many concerns and questions. Maybe next year I can try to plan a short car trip to Fort Ancient near Oregonia in southwestern Ohio. Historians believe that over 2000 years ago ancient indigenous tribes met to celebrate with other tribes when they built the mounds and walls in Warren county. At times I feel our more civilized educated members of our society have ignored or forgotten the spiritual aspects and gifts when we live on our planet and Mother: Earth. Little by little I am being invited to educate myself and continue the ancient histories reflected here in Ohio. Even with all the cuts in tourism because of financial deficits there is a renewed interest in a travel by car to discover the secrets of the Adena and Hopewell tribes and the mysteries of the remaining mounds. I have researched this travel program and hope in the Fall when Nature's trees are at their glorious winds of expanding color and take some quiet time for reflection and seek serenity from sacred ground. Happy Solstice Day to all earthlings!
Tomorrow is also a day when we remember our Fathers on Father's Day. I miss my Dad and my Mother on these holidays and try to help the girls make something special for their hard working parents. It is the most difficult job you can ask to have being a parent and yet somehow when you are young the families surround and support the yearlings. Taking time to spend with one another is the most important memory you can give and share and it does not cost one cent. I have had my own tumultuous events with my children and yet every day I am grateful for what they have given to me. The memories that last are the simple everyday rituals and meals shared . Today the girls and I wrote down 4 new enticing recipes to try next week here at Grandma's kitchen...every time you learn something new you receive a new wrinkle in your brain. (That will work for me and my bruised brain tissue!) Now this is a way I can enjoy four new wrinkles. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hurrah, and welcome to Summer in lovely Ohio!!
    I miss my parents, too, so I am with you on these days of reminders.
    I grew up in Ohio, and have yet to visit these sacred sites. Must add that to the "things to do before I die" list.
    I have seen some of the ancient sites in about magical!

  2. Happy Summer Solstice Day! Enjoy :)