Tuesday, June 23, 2009

simple gifts...a splash away with Maya and Sabrina...

I received my rejection card today in the mail and for a moment I felt a pang of sadness until I remembered I created this autobiographical work while my grand daughter Maya asked a million questions about visiting a city like Paris when I do not speak very much ...mostly no French. "Journaling" with mementos and tidbits of revisited writings in my journal and layering layer on top of layers until there is very little obvious recognizable landmarks for a viewer to decipher. And I also know I had sold a previous collage the week before for a couple of hundred of dollars for the Midland's 2009 Ovation Art auction. Que cera cera ...life goes on and we just keep one foot in front of another and make what makes us happy.
I stopped by the Newark Library to run a dry run with Babette for tomorrow's outreach free lecture "My Heart's Journey in Fiber" for our community. With the announcements on last Friday of the 50% financial cuts for public libraries I often wonder if kids could vote would they (The Politicians) realize that the library is a safe fun filled environment for all ages to come together and in this economic down swing maybe the only outing may be to the library.
I then stopped by the LCA to leave a flyer and picked up a couple of our beautiful directories to give to Mike Morris at the Midland and drop one off at my dentist's office. Tony and Andi were setting up shop and getting ready for Final Fridays and the LCA exhibit on Saturday. Energy ripples more energy as the summer warms up the air and humidity.
My first lily bloomed today...at least my "pet deer" have not eaten them yet. The glory of recognizing the metaphor of living in the moment...a day lily...only lasts for one day. The grace and dignity expressed in the bloom of a flower re-energizes the spirits in the garden. I did do some work today but not too much to be honest...I bought a family membership for a small pool to help the girls get a little more familiar with the power of water and swimming lessons from Grandma. I went in with a long sleeve cotton shirt, big brim straw hat, UV sunglasses and 50 sunblock into the pool so I would be able to be with Maya and Sabrina. The other times I stayed under the umbrella and completely covered up. What a sight??? Oh well they had a great time and so did I.. continue to enjoy the gifts of summer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I love my day lily collection. I have several different varieties. They may only last for a day but oh the joy they bring as they give it their all for that one day. My favorite lily is one called Don Stevens. That just happens to be my Dad's name. I found this variety after he passed away. I will have to share this one with you when I divide it. (The deer love this one!)

    God Bless you and your beautiful family