Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my little Hannah's surprise..."Legally Bonde" at Weathervane Theater

Yesterday was a very heart filled memory ...little Hannah turned 7 on 7/30/12 .  She is growing up so quickly; almost too fast for me.  How can you really surprise young little girls these days?  Well just being together in the front rows in the theater and having the director call you up on stage and the whole audience sings Happy Birthday to Hannah!  They also had a signed glossy 8 by 10 photo of this warm and loving actress who played Elle in the musical.  At intermission we headed to the bathroom and then treated the girls to Velvet ice cream bars and popcorn.  Yes I am tired but my dreams were filled with love and appreciation for a very special girl's night out!

Today I had four...yes count them four very talented artists visit my studio for a watercolor lesson with collage and each student made their own 8 by 10 canvas composition.  Parker and his friend Caden made interesting inventions... inspired by Hugo Caberet's story in Paris.  They played with three colors of transparent colors of bronze, silver and gold.  Then they took to creating their invention man and added real metal gears and wheels.  The beautiful girls Lauren and Tessa created name canvases for their bedrooms and employed alphabet stamps with glitter paints and then added collage flowers from handmade papers and paper punches.  The more glitter the little ones used ....the happier the giggles were. 

 Today was a celebration of where our foods come from?  at the Works summer day camps.  The YMCA camps were there also...a good time was had by all!
 Charla Devine from Devine Pumpkin Farms was ther to share her information about the importance of the bees...pollination...the hive...the queen bee...and the honey from the hives.

 I have to say Charla is a stunning queen bee!  You should see her in October!  She and Ralph have created a family friendly destination to enjoy the celebrations in the Fall.

 Spin the wheel and make a beaded bracelet ...celebrating the foods we raise here in Ohio.

 The wheel is still spinning......

 Patience is a very special skill for these delightful visitors.
 Can you find the Queen?  She is very sneaky and great at hiding and giving orders to her worker bees1!

 Rory and Craig organized this big celebration of Ohio foods!  Fantastic collaboration with the community and our farmers.
 Ryan was able to join the girls for a quick dinner with his girls before we left for Weathervane and  "Legally Blonde".  I think Miss Hannah is very excited  and asked me if she needed her 3-D glasses?  This is her first live production at Weathervane.

My camera was not cooperating so Ken had to lighten the image..."Elle" played by Lizzie Wild  took special time to make birthday wishes.  Emmet....played by Tim Fuchs made a special bottle cap magnet celebrating the 2012 summer season.  I think she might remember this seventh birthday.
 Lauren and Tessa were working on their own flower garden compositions...these girls are special friends.  Time just flew too fast!
 The gentlemen Parker and Caden are both going into the 5th grade and very serious about their gear and wheel inventions.  Using the magic pencils and then adding washes of metallic watercolors eased them into their canvas.  I think they could have gone right to the canvas.  I love their focus.
 A scientific librarian.... sending lasers into the late book returns.
 Parker's sketch of a huge invention man complete with gears.
Lauren's beginning sketch...she chatted about her flowers and birds while she sketched this beauty!

Tessa carefully created pink flowers ...she just loves pink!

The gentlemen selected color pencils for their designs before they added washes of metallic colors.

 Tessa added paper collage flowers and played with the brushes to add sky and grass.
 Contemplation...Parker is growing so quickly.  He is quite the young gentleman.

Caden added his metal gears...but I hope he goes home to add more of his design elements...we just ran out of time.  He has a good eye for sketching but painting is another skill he can develop.

 Caden's unfinished canvas...there is so much more he wanted to add...I know he is capable.
Parker's creation with gears and wheels.... I wish we could have added even more.
Lauren's room canvas collage.   Tessa's was still quite wet with gel medium and lots of glue.  The paints had glitter in them but my photos fail to show the shine.
I am headed up to Mansfield Art Center to deliver two of my Australian quilts for a special contemporary art exhibit.  I am working on the third quilt in this series ...but I am no way near finished because I want to enjoy the hand quilting process and then add specific embellishments and raised embroidery stitches.  Standing still is essential for my journey.  I hope you enjoy you Thursday and enjoy the present moment of here and now.  Imagine and live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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