Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday and Saturday have been very busy....

We celebrated the hot summer day with free root beer floats and "Sticks and Stones" in the courtyard at The Works.  The crowd was enjoying watching the children make air guitars and spin the wheel for a multitude of prizes for the children.  The lunch menu was brats and hamburgers with all the fixings from the Grill Deli and Marco's dynamic kitchen crew.  I had renewed visits some old friends and helped Marco make 300 chicken kabobs for a wedding on Saturday.  I enjoyed working with him and helping out ...he would have had a long evening.  Cindy stayed also so cut the time in half I am sure. 

 The sun was beginning to peek out from the gray skies.... the air was moist ... the rain may come.
 The 5K run is about to begin!
 Who will be the winners?  The lady in black/white running clothes is in her 40's and won the women's overall competition!
 This is the place ...  it is hot and humid but there are many smiling faces to encourage us on.  Thank you Phelps family for allowing me to tag along!
 Preparations for the awards and a tent filled with delicious treats that are healthy and cooling for everyone's accomplishments.  I may not have run a race...but walking this mile in a quick pace...well I feel like a Winner!!!

 The youngest a stroller of course.
 Two amazing winners in their age groups.  The man in the red hat was very encouraging to just keep moving...outside weather permitting.   The young man came in second this year,
 Veroncia and Marcia make last minute inspections for accuracy.
The beautiful Taylor with her handsome Dad Jon after the 5K run!  Don't they look great!  This was a family affair for the Downes family!
 Grandson Jack loves apples!  He will be running with grandpa next year!
 The pride in a grandparent's eye and in his heart...never stronger than when holding the little man!
 I need to see what GiGi is up to Grandpa....hey those medals look pretty nicce.
 Jack loves his GiGi with all his heart and soul!
 The beautiful young at heart ....they are both precious and committed to being and staying fit!!!

 Final last words before the presentation. 
 Chris Lang's grand daughter won in her age category....Brittany is an accomplished young woman!  I am so proud of her.

This gentleman is 86 years old and did not begin running until he was in his 60's!  Look at that smile!  May we all be this vital at our 86th!
 Mike Gray enjoying Sticks and Stones with their music in the courtyard!
 The volunteers are here to serve delicious grilled burgers and brats for a $5.00 lunch!  Free root beer floats for dessert!
 A family reunion is great when grandpa works downtown!
 Justin and Ruth try their luck with the spinning wheel!  Everyone wins something!  The rulers were fantastic!!
 Ari was stylish as usual glasses and zebra sun dress.  happy 5 Miss Ari!
 The mothers Ruth and Abby catch up on the latest activities!  Ari won a blue frisbee.
 The shade of the trees offered a cool place to listen to the concert and enjoy the children.
 Justin now has an orange balloon in his collected loot!
 The solar power ball launcher was a huge hit for everyone!
 Science at work...Justin prepares to make his first launch!

 Root beer floats for everyone!!!  Velvet Ice Cream and Dad's root beer!  Thank you!!!
 Amber taking a break from the float station.  She is a hard worker and has been with Velvet for a couple years now!  Thank you Velvet Ice Cream!!!
 Jenna looks like a real pro while she measures just the right amount of Dad's root beer! 
 Myers and Pugh donated a huge barrel of cold cold water for all to cool down!
 Michelle Chanel brought her two angels down for the concert!
 Owen has a new haircut and is waiting to launch the solar powered cannon!



GO!!!!!!!!  Way to go Owen!

Raina shares her newest for the summer readers!
 Justin enjoying the concert and well being silly!  He is my miracle boy!
 Lyn Logan Grimes creating great air guitars with soft foam and rubber bands and bottle caps!  Oh what FUN!
 Craig is supervising and helping these young musicians!
 Ta Dah!!!!!
 String band musicians ...perform with Sticks and Stones!

I am back to sorting my work table...looks at this iridescent medium I just discovered..I can not wait to try this out!

Today I walked a mile in our hospital's 5k run 1 mile walk with over 600 participants.  A good time was had by all but it was very hot and the humidity was what made it feel worse.  Thank you Phelps family for walking and inspiring me to keep going.  I met some wonderful people and we all cheered the young and the young at heart runners as they received their medals.  One man was 86 years old and had not started running until he was in his sixties.  Now that is an inspirational moment for us all.  I am tired but I hope you enjoy the photos ...celebrate the Olympics tonight.  I plan on quilting while we count the USA is great.  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Wow, what a great day!
    He started when he was in his 60's?
    I guess there's still time for me!
    Take care, XOXO - Cindi

  2. I will be 62 in September and he is a hero to about that wonderful smile. There is hope for us all. Move it or lose it!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. An inspiring post on many levels dear Mary Helen
    and a lovely celebration of life and summer

    your weather sounds similar to ours here in N VA...very hot and very humid and hazy too
    I try to remind myself that soon enough I won't be able to run barefoot in the house or eat vine ripened tomatoes...but I really am not a hot weather kinda girl ;)

    Continued Happy Summer Days to you and yours