Saturday, August 18, 2012

a quiet moment in time....

On Friday I shared the day with my eldest grand child ; Miss Maya Rose !  Sabrina and Hannah preferred to stay and play with their younger cousin Natalie.  So Maya and I went down to the studio to unpack several art materials continue filling the cabinet with containers and labels for easy access.  We walked over to The Works to check out the glass art exhibit and talked to Larry Tuber about the glass I have been purchasing a bit at a time for future glass Holiday gifts.  Maya and I had lunch and met with a new artist who is a Celtic harp musician and she wanted to research who she should contact for help in working with the home schooled population.  Cathie is a friend of one of my neighbors Linda Frazier.  We had a great visit and I am sure I will be seeing her once again.  Maya and I chose a special dress for Miss Hannah plus a large put together cardboard house that she can decorate and use as her own reading house as she is about to enter the second grade. Birthdays are a long celebration in our family!

 Maya met and discussed Jerrie Mock's Spirit of Columbus solo flight around the globe back in the 1960's!  Maya is making plans to write a research paper in the 7th grade this year and would love to share the story of this local courageous adventurer.  Having a subject you are interested in and will to explore makes writing her first research papers easier to approach. 
 here are some samples of some fusion projects that are awaiting the firing stage... Larry worked with an outreach group as they began to play with the transparent glass!
 Today and yesterday were just beautiful...white fluffy clouds frame our downtown courthouse.... I think this building is beautiful.

Here is my new and supportive friend Cathie...I have made a connection with Lynn Logan Grimes here at the Works plus contact Jenny Pope at Dawes Arboretum.  Cathie specializes with home school students and would love to be more involved!

Today I had planned on attending a children's concert at Dawes Arboretum but I woke up under the weather.  It was noon before the headache let up so I stayed close to the house and caught up on my laundry.  Ken worked on his school lessons and made a great dinner on the grill...with sweet corn and fresh tomatoes.  The closing of summer is approaching so the quiet afternoon was a welcomed relief.  I continued my quilting as I spent the passage of time watching movies and listening to the Discovery channel.  We are meeting Erin tomorrow around 10:30 at the Rotary Park over at the OSU campus ...our grand kids call this park the Don Gunnerson Park!!!  I hope you have rested and found time to reflect and enjoy a quiet moment in your week.  Peace be with you,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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