Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today was a perfect Sunday!!!!!

This has been a crazy week and yesterday my body said NO more...I spent the day listening to my body and rested and slept.  This is not always the most productive way to spend an absolutely beautiful day but I had to stop and reconsider the alternative if I fail to listen to my body.  I did feel better by the end of the day and spent some time continuing my quilting ...I work so darn slow and to be honest I do not know if I will make my deadline.  I do find myself unwinding and feeling peaceful when I am hand quilting and this piece is coming along fine ....haste makes waste.

Today we had a slow morning and went to see a delightful movie..."Hope Springs".  Anyone who has been married for awhile will find this movie to be entertaining.  Merly Streep is awesome but she has always been one of my favorite actresses!  Tommy Lee Jones plays a grumpy angry husband that how he is living is just FINE.  Steve Carrell does a great job as the $4000 a week in depth counseling session facilitator!  Maine is beautiful and even though there are rough edges and a few realities in this movie...I highly recommend seeing this movie.  The music sound track is a walk down memory lane.  I looked around the theater and realized this is a real MOVIE for couples of a certain age.  Thank you Ken!

Then we went to see some golden old friends at Elder Beerman...I worked there part time for 8 years and I do love these people!!  Ken found two great ties for the new school year and I found packable skirt for my trip to Tucson next month..great people and great buys!!!

 I began replenishing my card supplies...tomorrow I want to make a special wedding card and a few sympathy cards...probably with water colors and layers.
 These two cards are going to be a free ended correspondence approach...
 OOOOH the Halloween cards are coming out...I love the Raven stamp...Nevermore!!!  The second one has every Fall word for the happy change of the seasons. How do you like my new glasses????  FUN!
 More design elements ...spooky yes but FUN!!!

 David Williams oil painting from the closing of the exhibit.
 Winter is in this artist 's images for a hot afternoon!
 David Williams cool trees ...his brushstrokes are so poignant and yet serene.
 Brave, wide brush strokes...another reflection of the beauty of the trees...perfect for Dawes!
 A hot red evening sky at the close of the day...I think this is another one of David's visions.
 Fields resting at the end of the summer....
 My ancestor's spirit whisper in the hot bright sun...a reliquary vision of a tree's life returning to the earth's soil....
 shimmers still in the trees...
 The children's butterflies out on the lawn in the All Season's Garden....
 A beautiful hand painted butterfly on the remains of a tree resting in the garden....
 Welcome to my sacred space...there are three weddings on 9/8/12 at Dawes.  Some friends children are marrying in the All Seasons Garden ..excited to be surrounded by the whispers created by the children....
Even AARP is celebrating Hope Springs..... Meryl is so elegant and beautiful!!!

Now the time to have a cup of hot tea or coffee sitting in the porch swing...for porch swing meditations!!
Last we stopped and got a Mocha Frappe and Carmel Latte and headed down to Dawes Arboretum for a relaxing walk under the whisper panels.  Now you can see we did not spend a lot of money but ...what a wonderful day~!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Oh perfect day, I like your evening stroll. Sounds wonderful xox