Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Miracles do really happen

My young friend Landon has come out of his surgery with flying colors.  He has great blood flow, good heart sounds and a good rhythm.  Hopefully he will be home and in the loving arms of his family.  Thank the great doctors and care givers at National Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH.  

My little ones have all had a great start to their school year and tonight are totally worn out.  It always takes a week or so to get into the swing of things but they seem to be excited to be with their friends.  The young mothers were turning cartwheels and dancing after the buses left but little do they know...this time will go by so fast.  I still remember watching from my front cabin porch as the girls waited and giggled until their patient and loving bus driver came to pick them up. 

I worked with 28 Little Buckeyes today down at Dawes Arboretum.  I am so grateful to have had three helpers and the mothers who jumped in as we made leaf prints with acrylic paints and butterfly stencils in another color.  The gingko, the beech, the geranium, and several other leaves collected by my tiny naturalists.  The hour flew by and the final minutes were joyful because we shared cool refreshing popsicles!!!  I think the photos say it all. 

 Mr. Mike...The Works number one volunteer had a surprise visit from his younger brother and his wife as they are now relocating in PA.  We all love Mr. Mike!!!
 My new box of Prismacolor solid color sticks... My school supplies!!!
 I found this book on sale for $2.00 and it is chock full of wonderful lessons and printing techniques!!
 Cousins visiting my studio the last day before their school classes  begin for 2012!
 Mom is a book maker and I was able to share some heavy chip board with her...the samples she shared with me were stunning and it was good to be able to pass it forward!
 Just tnink of all the new journals she can make this coming year!!!  Her studio is FlutterBye Studio!!!
 Cindy Lopez came in to say good bye before she begins her second year at Capital University!!!  Straight A student...she is going places!!!
 Dawes Little Buckeyes begin to trust the stamping process.... these boys were so sweet!!
 Thank God for the gentle assistance from the youngmothers!!!
 These boys loved every step...Can we use the gold paint?  How about a a butterfly or two?  Well done gentlemen!
 Jacob is helping the young shorter boys find just the right beech tree leaf for painting!
 I think they did a great job!!!
 In one hour they children were planning to how they will use these techniques at the Holiday season!!!

 A cool treat for everyone who worked so hard!!!
 Do you see my blue tongue????  These are great!!!
 Little Kelly was very tired and missing her nap but with a grape popsicle everything is now great!!!

 A future artist on the horizon...what will we do next???
 Do you really have to go home???  When I was gathering up my stuff these sweet angels came over and gave me a huge hug!!!  Life does not get any better!  Art saves Lives!!!!
 I saw this sign in the window as I was dropping off a donation for Goodwill!

The final blooms seem extra fire red today.  Take time to enjoy the final blossoms!!
Ken and I enjoyed dinner at our new Panera was family night because the place was constantly refilling as one family moved out and another moved in!  I am so happy to have our very own Panera!!!!  We feel like the big time has settled in Licking County!!!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I apologize to all the dedicated mothers who I failed to get a photograph of their little ones! There were a lot of them and we were extremely busy! I hope you will come back to Dawes soon!!! Peace, ART Lady!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time by all. :)

  3. you are a jewel in the crown of givers.....blessings OmaLinda

  4. So glad your young friend did so well. Love the little ones and their freewheeling creative openness. xox