Thursday, August 23, 2012

I spent the end of my day in complete relaxation at Dawes ....

Today I worked on several commissioned cards for special birthdays, weddings, a Bill Cosby card to go with tickets for his return to our beautiful Midland Theater in September.  I had several visitors and one grandma was here from New York for a visit with her grandchildren.  I shared my appreciation for New York city and shared a couple of my experiences I have in my memory bank.  I invited her to come back for a longer visit next time and she shared wonderful stories of her 94 year old mother and four sisters.  I truly wish I could have had a longer amount of time to spend with her...she was a gift to my day.  She wished me luck in my studio...that she found to be fascinating and hopefully someday we will meet again.

I spent the end of my day at a picnic table with Priscilla and Jenny Lynn.  It was the final night for Art in the Arboretum year we will get a earlier start and maybe have a themed exercise for each styling no matter what medium you choose.  The breeze gentle kissed our cheeks and cooled the sun rays from the earlier hours of the day.  The tree tops were swaying and a flutter of small leaves began to to flee the branches as if they were in a ballet.  Priscilla worked on beautiful hummingbirds and shared some of her frustrations...she is facing surgery real soon to repair her knee and lives in constant pain!  Jenny Lyn picked up a fallen leaf and began a pencil study that was in a photo realism style.  Stunning works !  I began the first processes of another police dog portrait ...Ike is the youngest member of the force and I am trying to create an image to play homage to his dedicated training and sweet disposition!  When the pup is in a relaxed state ...he actually appears to be smiling!  I love the feel of a soft 4B lead pencil...the soothing marks make the image less intimidating because I enjoy the slow process and know I can return to this project whenever time is available.

 This is her kind of town also...Aminah Robinson is coming in September...I can hardly wait to see her once again!!!
 Beautiful tree in the sunlight ...tall erect and so simply serene!
 Soon these little sister trees will begin the dance of change in colors...romancing the breezes!
 Our new bride gave her time to be with us for the last Art in the Arboretum 2012...thank you Jennylyn for making this happen.
 Priscilla was able to forget her pains for even a short time ...I did not get a close enough photo but her humming birds are beautiful works in progress.... I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery!
 The sunflowers were waving to me to come closer... I have asked Branstool Orchards to add these beautiful flowers to next year's harvest.
 The luscious lady sunflower appears to be almost shy...if she had eyes she would make a demure connection with her visitors.
 I think these are begonias ...soft subtle beauties winking from the sweet and precious.  The gardens are just beautiful right now!
 Two sisters swaying in the breeze...
 I am unsure what these flowers are called ...but they are so sweet!
 Priscilla capturing the evidence of the beauty at the end of the day...take care dear friend and hopefully you will be back to feeling great soon!!!!

Soft posies and ground cover almost make me see the fairies living in the evening mists.
I need to return to my quilting project.  I have clothes in the washer soon to go into the dryer and a whisper panel that came down from my installation.  The leather straps are beginning to show the wear and tear and beginning to break.  I then wash them and I have special plans to continue my journey with the sacred marks and hopefully have a surprise to share later with you.  Have a great evening...I can hardly believe that the week is almost over...the time is falling like the subtle leaves from my trees.  Fall is quickly approaching and the cool relief will be a relief for us all.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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