Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer is coming to a is beginning

Summer is coming to a close...
The schools are beginning to trickle back into the Fall schedule..
There are new school supplies and new gym shoes...
A special outfit or new uniforms are ready to put on ...
Lunch boxes and juice boxes and a change purse/wallet is ready for incidentals...
A Sunday morning spent playing on the swings and climbing the monkey bars...
of course with my three busy busy busy grandchildren...
We went to a lunch and I cam home for a nap...I do have an end of the summer cold so I need to catch up...
It could not be that I was tired from chasing and playing hide and seek...
I am ready to work tonight as the last load of laundry is in the washer.
Have a great creative week in your studios!
Imagine and Live in Peace, 

Here is Lyndon Allen...ready to take on the world.  He jumped into my arms and he is a chunky monkey.
 Princess Morgan Elizabeth holds a special key to my heart.  She is a joyful little sprite and looks so much like her beautiful mother Erin Elizabeth!  Peek-a-boo!
 Marshall Cole is the Master of the Universe and starting Kindergarten at Columbus Academy this week.  He was so proud that he now has a new ART journal with pockets to hold both large and small sketch ideas.  Cole is going to change the world!
 Lindon loves to climb everything his big brother and sister can climb so one needs to keep a good eye on this rascal!
 Cole is testing his bright yellow race car with Grandpa!!!
 This is the John and Christine Warner library built for scholars of today and the future,  Christine believed in the power of diversity and life long education so that is one of the reasons she purchased my art for this space.
 Momma Erin comes totally prepared with cool drinks and Grandpa's sugar cookies to hold them over until lunch.  That bright baby blue is a soft, durable covering that prevents boo-boos and scrapes. 
 Snack break and Lyndon is ready to take off once more!
 Morgan is deep in thought...she has the best Daddy in the world!!!
Do we really have to go now????

 One more climb to the top ....Please!!!

 This contraption is the Bumpy slide....they all seem to enjoy this crazy option for a slide.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Here I come!!!

 Tine for lunch...

 Meeting a new friend on the bumpy slide!!!
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart aka Grandma!!!!

Have a wonderful week as the leaves are beginning to turn bright colors.


  1. Grandchildren are life's desert! What sweeties!

  2. They are all so adorable! Lucky you! Enjoy! xox