Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The quiet of my Monday in my studio.... I am so blessed

 Today as you will see I worked in reorganizing the actual work table/wet table.  I can not remember when I actually saw the cleared space of the table top???  I washed and covered the clean surface with a plastic covering...recaptured from the Dawes residency and then covered the surface with clean brown craft paper.  I have two guests coming in on Wednesday so I want to have this space organized and ready to go.  I listened to jazz and the time seemed to fly by.  It was 6 PM before I realized it but the space is coming together and I am actually enjoying using the label maker!  Now I will know at a wink of the eye where my art materials and design elements .... yes with a glance and a wink I should be able to comfortably work on my further future projects.  I love my label maker.  Tomorrow I will begin to clear and store the pile on the large Ikea work table.  My plan is to have an attractable space to display my latest works and easily move it clear to quilt on my large Australian piece I am hand quilting now.  I hope you enjoy the photos ...it takes longer to do things correctly but now I have the seasonal items in order and it should assist me in my individual commissions.  It is back to making the rent money for 2012!

Today is Hannah Marie's birthday and tonight she had dinner at her favorite Red Lobster restaurant.  Tomorrow I have a Girl's NIGHT  OUT with dinner at Bob Evans and then we are headed to Weathervane for "Legally Blonde" musical .  I know they are going to love this...the pink...the costumes...the music....the dogs...and yes the story is pretty cute too!!!  

 BEFORE   .....

AFTER  ......

 Iridescent paints for fabrics and paper assemblages... 

Check out those beautiful labels...who knew tis could be so much fun!
 Work and office supplies ...close at hand.  Who knew cleaning could be this profitable...saved time means more work time.

Now to find a place for my every growing plant friends.
The Olympics are very exciting here...several gold winners are from the area and the swimming events are superb!  Have a great week in your studios.  Art Saves Lives!!!  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Ah the cleaning times! I'm ready to start a new piece AND spend part of each day this week cleaning for the first camp this whole year! it's been hard times on money, with little sales and little work, but here's hoping for better things now ahead!

    Your table looks great, Mary Helen! I discovered canvas painter's drop cloths, as my surface of preference. If you look around, you can still find them in all cotton, like at Big Lots! They're heavy and so sturdy and washable. Come in diferent sizes, and you an cut and rehem them, if you want smaller ones.

    Then you can use them in art, when they're all painted up, if you like!

    I'm so sorry about your work being twisted around in that storm in June. I Hope the rest of the year is easier on the earth! And forever to come, for that matter. Maybe it'll help that that scientist backed by the Koch brothers came out saying Climate Change is very real after all, and that it's all caused by Man! Let us pray!

    Much love, Suzi and Jimmy, too!

  2. Oh you are inspiring me...can't find so many items after several
    weeks of making piles of in progress things. Can't find my favorite file so will follow your good example. xo

  3. I too have been sorting, gleening and labeling. I don't even recognize my work area. I keep thinking someone came in and waved a magic wand until my back let's me know it was only a day dream. You too must be a little weary for the work.....great job and how fun to be able to find stuff....
    Oma Linda

  4. Things look great! Isn't it a nice feeling when you've put things back into place? I need to do the same thing!