Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I learn from these people of Grace...

Tuesday at Dawes Arboretum!  The summer camps are coming to a close and the children were giggling and excited about their day's adventures!  The interns this summer have been spectacular and I love watching them grow in experiences and their people skills.  Art comes alive....Science is interwoven with the landscape...the lenses of these active students are joyfully widened! 

 I just love these DMC varigated cotton flosses..they will look great when I add stitch design elements...the square mother of pearl natural beads are filled with whimsy.
 Jennylyn's printmaking with leaves from the Arboretum.... beautiful images!
 Selected inks and paints offer a variety of visual effects! 
 Student color play with printmaking....
 pencil sketches to practice really seeing.... look once and then look again....
 How about this wonderful color wheel????  Colored pencils never looked so great!
 Beginning of a pastel study of flowers...
 Look at these tomatoes!!! they were planted with pure love!  Community Connections you did a bang up salad mix here!!!
 Every kind of of basil to make your favorite pesto!  Just beautiful! and tasty too!
 Peppers to delight the local kitchen chefs....
 Their journals are almost completely full,,,,  colorful evidence of their time at Dawes.
 Here we go now..Jennylyn is lining them up in three groups...aren't they cute?
 Group two is ready for action@!
 The work table is full of evidence and design elements for their recordings and explorations!
 Emily has group three ready to go down for pond studies...the water level is down but the children will not mind....it makes finding the critters easier!
 Hunter has his young trail blazers ready...aren't these interns great?  This is their last week and I will miss every one of these kids!
 Stenciling with gold acrylics...
 Robert is celebrating his 66th birthday in a week or two.... he is a happy man today!
 Louis has his new glasses and a new haircut...but he is hiding under his hat!
 Candy has selected the cute raccoon and her tree...with a  small bird.
 Neha is not quite sure where she is going now but she does like the gold paint.
 Tootie is just a happy man...everything you ask him is YES!
 Adding color crayons add a small amount of  colors to the leaves....
 Now this is a satisfied artist...what are we going to add next?
 How about big yellow butterflies?
 More butterflies ...candy is hiding in the back....
 Robert is totally happy and enthralled with his finished composition!  Happy Birthday Robert...66 years young.
 Now Neha is happy with her work and ready for her lunch! She has the best lunches...Indian foods in fresh pita breads...I was hungry just being there!
 I am very pleased with these prints in their collective arrangement...the papers on the edges are from Japan and I got them when we were up in Medina, OH at Hollow's Paper Store!
 Time for lunch...here we go...
 go wash your hands ladies...

Tootie is ready for lunch...Dan comes totally prepared for everything...first aid...silver ware and paper plates...etc.
The community Connections group from Groveport were in the spirit today...They stenciled golden trees onto black foam core....then they chose a bright yellow paint to stamp large butterflies...and then framed their compositions with specialty papers from Japan.  They were very focus artists and ready to try just about anything...but today they did not want to work in their Dawes journals until after lunch.  These kind people of grace...widen my heart's response to the sacred mark making in Art.  Their joy and authenticity radiate during the session as they cheer each other on when we share their finished works.  Simple...graceful... elegant works from the hearts of innocence.  I hope you enjoy the photos from my day!  Peace be with you,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Your people of all ages surely love seeing their faces and efforts on your blog. Do they know what you look like behind that ever-present camera? LOL...just kidding. So many happy people, can't help but document that!
    On another note, I'm not sure I can continue to comment as long as word verification is on your blog. My device doesn't show it clearly enough to get it right, and it takes so much time to try. If I'm not commenting, at least know I'm visiting and enjoying when I can. Peace!

  2. I did not put the extra word and numbers on my comment procedure...I can not keep up with the recent changes on the blogger and the requirements seem to be ever changing. Peace, mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I love the photos today! Such happy people. Happy Creating!
    xoxo - Cindi