Thursday, August 16, 2012

A new young friend Alex...and a dear old friend George...

I have had a busy day with meeting a new young friend who is working for the 2012 campaign  for Obama.  I know I am the only Democrat in my whole complex...but I try to listen, read, watch PBS and discuss with all people at all ages.  Alex has the kindest heart.  He is studying Political Science at Ohio State and working hard to get out and feel his way in his own home town.  I talked...he talked...and we shared some of our concerns and possibilities for the upcoming election.  The obstacles with voter registration, voter ID issues, the harsh cruel ads on the national TV channels....etc.  We discussed some of the conversations that are presented on the telephone contacts.  I told him I was completely booked up into September...but maybe afterwards I could find a way to help in some small manner. 

George Leach dropped by and he is a wonderful painter.  I did not realize he was in the Zanesville Exhibit with a painting of his darling twin sons.  George makes his living by being a humane lawyer advocate and gentle soul.  He passion is his family, and his painting.  He is extremely prolific and has been so encouraging of my passion to make the arts available for all here in Licking county.  He even came on the coldest day when we celebrated Arbor Day at Dawes Arboretum.  Unfortunately he had limited time available but I look forward to his next visit! 

 This is the face of innocent optimism...Alex is going to change this world! 
 We had an interested "future" voter...she was enchanted with our conversation and just a Joy to have at the next table!  They live a distance from Newark but were interested in the family night activities!
 I will reread and study this outline that Alex shared with me...maybe after I get my large work completed I will be able to donate some time to his cause.
 This is my humane lawyer friend!!!  George is an amazing young father and working to create a safer and more nurturing future for our children!
 well this is my messy work table once again.....
 Design elements to play with next week preparing for the Fall  projects...and well just to play with!!!

 There is still time to visit the central gallery and enjoy the patterns and textures of our very own Sandy Gartner's photography!
 Possibilities for making our community grow...leadership for the young adults...they are our future!
 If you are a History afficianado...there is something for you two!!!
 Aminah is coming Aminah is coming ...this Sunday's Columbus Dispatch is honoring Aminah Robinson in the ARTS section....

Here are some samples of bookmarks to explore with the new school year....come on down!

I had errands to run and slowly I am getting used to my new car...this is a comfortable car and much safer.  The actual ride is quite different from the Geo and I did not know until I drove something newer and a bit larger!  I stopped by Michael's and Hobby Lobby for their clearance departments....  I am already making plans for the beginning of the school year's family nights at The Grill Deli!    I need to get back to my hand quilting.  I hope your day was full of grace and great people!  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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