Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bye Bye georgie have been a great friend...

Yes we did it...It took three hours for the contracts...Park National never return the man calls for my approval so it took Huntington 10 minutes....yes 10 minutes to say go for it!  I recommend the New Coughlin Toyota dealership on south route 79 and ask for Tyler Workman.   Even if you do not make a buy he is a very nice young man and father of one.  You  probably want to know that we bought a 2012 Rav4 ...a beautiful blue four door four wheel drive.  Ken will take it in the snowy weather and I will use it around town and down to my studio.  On the blizzard days I can work from home and know he has a four wheel drive to make it into Columbus.  Now this might be the best insurance that we will have another mild winter...we are prepared for the winter's challenges.  We now have a generator, a new four wheel drive and safety plans for ice and snow!  This will work for me !  I am not comfortable with the new size, height, and control panels but it is a smooth ride.  I guess now I can see that my shocks were mostly non-existent.  I can load quite a bit in this great rear trunk!  Thank you Ken for all your help...I am amazed that I had to have a co-signer at the age of 61.

I went through the donations of materials I received for use on Family Wednesday night activities.  I can see we will be making lace angels around Christmas...the bodies are still in the design mode.  I gave the remaining materials to Goodwill ...they can make sure they will be used in the near future instead of storing them in my limited space in my studio.  I went over to see the kids making their sculptures with Lynn Logan Grimes and her summer camp.  The room was filled with bright colors and wonderful designs ... and quietly chattering creative children.  I met one girl who had been out to Dawes when I was working on my installation.  She was eager to share her design and asked if she could come over to make a visit. I returned to my studio after speaking with Larry our glass artist in residence...he is in need of prayers because he has hurt his knee and is in serious pain.  Our bodies are a fragile balance ...mind, body and spirit and when we are in pain there is disharmony in our spirits.

I received a special phone call from my best friend Cyd.  She has been on an amazing trip....two coastlines...two oceans... in two weeks.  Just hearing her voice made me miss her more,  I am planning a trip near the end of September.  I want to work around her schedule...she has done so much for me for the last 25 years.  She was even able to fulfill her dream of seeing a baseball game at Fenway park in Boston! 

 Check out this video/ looks like it might be a fun exercise!
Patty Brady has several books on acrylics out in publication.
 Lunch with the whole family....The Works feels very much like a family and Marcia and Susan's children made us all smile!
 Peter and Claire and Sally are growing so quickly...they always put a smile  on my day!  They are here for summer Art Camp!
 The mayor of Newark stopped by for a quick chat....this place is hopping!
 This is my new will take me awhile to get used to the new size and dimensions but it has a sweet ride.  I love the color!
Lynn logan Grime's Art camp...artists at work!   Sally knows exactly what she needs and wants.
 Look at the intensity on their faces...color color every where!
 Peter is mixing up a special hue for his design element....the room was a buzz with pure expression!

 A lesson on Picasso faces....this is so much fun I want to stay and paint myself.
 The two lovely interns are busy at work with their "face" projects...

 Hard at work ...doodling with the subconscious....who will I create???
 This is Larry our great glass artist...he is working in pain...he hurt his knee and will know more info tomorrow. 
 The littlest ones were quite successful with their three-D sculptures...
 Lynn LOGAN Grimes is a wonder woman...she should be pleased because they are all so engaged in this creation process.
 Reverse glass paintings.... drying...
 I love this Unicorn....
 Hemispheres ...words...clues to entice the viewers to come closer....
 The deep purple does not show well in the bright sunlight but she is so happy with her color.  She loves making ART!!!!
 At the end of the Rav4 is home in the driveway....
 Thank you Ken for helping will drive this car when the weather is tricky and slippery!
 It is a real beautiful color blue..soft serene!

Tomorrow I am going in a bit earlier...I need to get this clean up job completed now.  I have too many things to complete and the mess is getting to me!  Have a great week in your creative arenas.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Reading your posts, seeing those precious faces and knowing you've bought something that will bring safety and harmony into your life is such a pleasure. Blessings, Oma Linda

  2. Thank you Miss have blessed me with your friendship and support! Peace, MHFS