Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swim Mary Swim...

Yesterday was an exciting day for our young and aspiring Thespians who performed and volunteered at the Midland Theater's production with the Missoula Children Theater. Sabrina were there bright eyed and bushy tale for the dress rehearsal and total run through of the Pied Piper at 11:00 am. By a little after 1 o'clock they went down to the orchestra pit to eat lunch and get caught up on last minute guidance from Johanna and Billy. I went out to grab a sandwich and came back for the first afternoon performance at three o'clock. If there were any nervous jitters I sure did not see them because they had all worked so hard for the last week and were as prepared as they could possibly be. I sat up on stage left and was able to take a few photos during the morning rehearsal and Ken made a short video later with the second performance. Sabrina was an outstanding little rat and stayed on her blue line and watched for her cues from the King Rat...Billy. They went through the curtain call procedure and photo opportunities for family members and then we headed our for an hour break and to pick up Maya for her first ushering opportunity. We had Lees chicken and made it back in time for make-up refreshing and line up for the big night. The room was filled with theater aficionados and beaming family members. It is really amazing how hard these students worked and how well they learned their parts. We were all exhausted but I do not regret one moment...I gave them a new opportunity and an experience they will have when they return to their classrooms.

This afternoon I went for a much needed swim to unwind my joints and strengthen my body with gentle exercise. I have been swimming three or more times a week and I feel a little stronger for it. I did miss my on-line chat with Wendy Rosen so now later I will have to read it without being able to ask questions or participate simultaneously around the USA and even further. Oh well my body needed attention also. Enjoy my photos and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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