Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The first day Cole told me he loved me too.

Only another grandparent would understand how important this day could be and others who do not like little voices they will never understand how incredible this simple sentence is to hear. We spent the afternoon with Erin and her two little ones ...Cole is two and Morgan is a little over six months old. Chance is still doing his surgical rotation in the Dayton hospitals but this will soon end when he comes home on Friday evening. We pushed the swings on the play set in the backyard as the summer breezes caressed our skin in the cool shade and later the gentlemen practiced tee ball and batting practice. Erin ran to the grocery by herself...sounds simple but is a luxury for any young mother who is balancing meals, swims, naps and laundry all in one day. We are so grateful to have this beautiful young family close to home so we can stop by and just be there with them. It is true how quickly they change and grow and I wish I could be there for the daily ordinary rituals. My words are totally inadequate when I attempt to express the gift of being with my precious gifts...all of my grandchildren. We had Quiznos sandwiches and then read several books from the library and discussed the "Thunderbirds" in the air show they all saw at Wright Patterson Air Fields. Finally after Miss Morgan fell asleep in her loving mother's arms we bid farewell to Mister Cole and I told him "I love you Cole" and instead of "why"...he is two...He said" I love you too Grandma". I just wanted to share a moment of bliss with all who are dealing with the difficult times in our society. Find a swing set...hold a child's hand for a walk...play down on the floor with a six month old and sing...sing and dance like no one is watching except the tiny child mesmerized by your own smiling face.
I need to pack and make several trips tomorrow before we hit the road to Amber's wedding. I am not making much of my art marks but I am living an artist's life to the fullest. I am packing my art kit and will have plenty of down time by myself to document this passing of time. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. When Jennifer was a baby I would sing to her as we rocked and shared a loving bond that existed only between the two of us. I thought it was wonderful that finally someone liked to hear me sing. She has since joined the ranks of those who say please don't sing. It was great while it lasted and it will always last in my heart.
    So until there are grandchildren I am back to singing in the car!
    I count you as one of my dear friends and I want to say I love you...God Bless you and have a safe and joyous trip.