Sunday, July 12, 2009

my family reunites...we are the world....

my journey home
to Louisville ...a family reunion
with six siblings returning with different chapters of their page in time...
as we arrived at Iroquois Park I was immediately transported back to the 1960's
and the moist humidity enveloped my total being... summer fun in the heat by the River
what would my hair look like? who cares...I am here
then the Truth hit me and I realized the importance of the day and just being together on July the 11th...
this would have been my mother's 80th birthday and my first trip home...yes still home in my heart...since she died last Fall.
My world began here in humble family reunions and now we were together for a moment in time to embrace each other as we are today...changed, graying and with our children and grand children...
shared meals, water games, croquet tournaments, babies to hug and embrace, connections made and recognized
the threads of my life were woven with these people and we have been there for each other when the times get rough with the passage of time and loss of families...
I lost track of how many photos I captured and Ken has created a dvd to document these embraceable moments
our lives are in a constant state of flux
and when we are together we surround our families with circles of unconditional love.
Celebrate these moments just because we are still here on earth and love never dies.
Gratitude fills my entire being as I return to my home and work to make a better day for you and me.
We are the world...if everyone took the moment to recognize and respect each person's diversity our world would find and cherish a serenity and peace that continues to bloom in our hearts.
Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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