Sunday, July 19, 2009

A sweet memory for generations to cherish and save.....

We have returned from an incredible whirlwind of a trip home to our families in Indiana and Dayton,Ohio. James Taylor says it best with "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time "with those you love and love you. Ken and I picked up Erin E with Cole and baby Morgan for a quick trip to Marion to visit with Great Grandma Stewart and as many of the Stewart siblings as we could gather in a short period of time that we would be there. Susie made her famous butterscotch pie for her little brother and Deanie made a huge wonderful lasagna dinner complete with all the trimmings. It seemed as if all we do when we travel is to eat wonderful foods and laugh until our sides were painful from all the stories of "back when" The love was like a soften family blanket aged to perfection over the years with the future generations offerings in the promise in the eyes of all the great grandchildren learning to walk on their own. I realized how fortunate my life has been in this extended family and yes I do believe the circle of loving is growing with each generation's awesome contributions to our global family. I have been graced walking in two worlds on one globe and with lessons yet to be realized and documented in my sacred marks. I am learning over and over again that silence is sometimes the best answer and with patience comes a newer understanding and appreciation for my family's individual gifts. My words are totally inadequate when it comes to expressing my love for these gentle, spiritual people with threaded connections and stories to share. I had the greatest sleeping experience with my grandson Cole and we awoke to caresses and his desire for me to make shadow puppets of dinosaurs on the sparkling ceiling in Great Grandma's guestroom. Erin and Cole made homemade banana and fresh blueberry pancakes with crisp bacon for everyone...Cole loves bacon.
Then we were on the road back to Dayton and DADDY...Chance is performing a surgical rotation in the hospitals in Dayton and we were all having dinner with Uncle Rick and Grandma Donna's "house of playful things "; with their daughter Emily home for her birthday and a friend's wedding, Andy and Lyndsey and Addison and Baby Drew, plus Grandparents extraordinaire Bill and Connie Hoyer. As soon as we arrived Cole climbed into his father's arms for a much needed and missed cuddle time alone. My heart breaks with pride when I see these young mothers and fathers creating a world of limitless love for our precious little ones. Rick cooked on the grill and everyone just "found a baby to cuddle" and we felt so at home with gracious hosts and extended family. The food was perfect and the time will remain in my heart's memories. THEN the time came for the famous Ken Stewart Fudge recipe and lesson. did a remarkable job and the laughter made the dessert even sweeter. I hope you will enjoy the short video and a few of the photos from this afternoon of renewal. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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