Thursday, July 9, 2009

joy and exhaustion in one simultaneous moment...

My brother Mark and his son TJ and Rachel with their little one James Timothy left early this afternoon and I felt pangs of loss as I watched them drive down the driveway. I wanted to weave a memory of experiences, great foods, wonderful desserts, quiet walks and just plain being together in our home. I think we were all worn out but oh what a couple of fun packed days for everyone. Mark became "PaPa" to Maya and Sabrina as we challenged ourselves to flips, dives, and headstands at the children Mark and I swam every day at a family pool eight houses from our house and for only $8.00 a month. With six kids in our family this was pretty inexpensive entertainment as well as great physical exercise to keep us too tired to get into too much trouble. Ken made his incredible baby back ribs so when we arrived home the whole house was overwhelmingly inviting. Erin had also arrived with her two little ones Cole and baby Morgan...she happened to get her first tooth today also. Of course we all ate way too much and laughed until we cried. We were all in bed by 9 PM and sleep never felt so welcomed.

Ken had his classes and tutoring at Capital so when he left I stayed so busy with laundry and putting the house back together so I would not have time to feel the quiet in the cabin envelope me. I then went to Goodwill and scored another old Scrabble game and some wonderful hand embroidered linens and such to incorporate into my pieces. Ken called and we had a quiet dinner of eggplant and pasta and came home to recuperate for the next adventure this weekend. We have two weddings in the next 5 weeks so we will be traveling so I am working on a "Traveler's art kit" to use on the road. Life is great! Enjoy some of the photos and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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