Friday, July 24, 2009

Final rehearsal... and an Art event in Newark, Ohio

Today was the final day of rehearsal for these young inspiring Thespians working on the Pied Piper! It is truly amazing what the positive energy and one week on stage can do for my young protege's self confidence...Sabrina is tired and having the time of her life. Grandpa stepped in to take Maya out on the golf course for her first nine holes and she has already requested to play 18 holes the next time. She was allowed to drive the golf cart and as you will see in the photo she is very confident of her powers. Arts and the physical environment united to provide an inspiring day for the loves of my life...both Maya and Sabrina have enjoyed a week to remember and share when they return to school...only about four weeks and the summer ends for our young students.

On my way home I traveled around Newark to discover an unusual art experience in our community. Chad Sines and MacKenzie were two of the six artists exhibiting their artworks at the "closed" and abandoned gas station on Mount Vernon Road around 6 PM. Traffic is very hectic at this time of day especially on a Friday evening and with the resounding horns of support and recognition of the artists addressing the blight on our community's landscape due to the expanding economic crisis the country is experiencing at the present time. Chad is leaving for Parson's School of Design in August and Mackenzie is hoping to attend Hallmark School of Photography in Boston if she can find a way to meet the huge financial demands. ( I hope I have the name correct...brain dysfunction and all.) The works hung by good old Duct tape amidst the disparaging surroundings with trash, weeds, debris and total loss of pride in appearance. When the Clark station was opened I bought my gas from the hard working employees who took pride by their need for cleanliness and even planted flowers and vegetables during the past summers. I am hopeful with this new awareness maybe land improvement can be expedited as quickly as possible. Bravo to the courageous artists on the front lines in a very unusual form of political demonstration on a warm humid summer afternoon...the exhibit just ended a few minutes ago and had run for 24 hours around the city. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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