Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A happy celebration of life with people we love..

The mad dash is on to get everything I think I might need for the journey to South Carolina for Amber's wedding in Charleston. I have my rehearsal outfit and I think my wedding day dress...I think. I have tried to eliminate the unnecessary items plus sunscreen and new lithium batteries for the camera. I have to work a little more on my art kit for the road and find the needles and paint brushes I might need. I did get postcard stamps and mailed out my bills. Ken has done an incredible job on the wedding ceremony and I will have a reading and we are using Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary candles for the unity ceremony uniting two families. We are so blessed to still one another to join in in support and celebration of these two young individuals.
We helped to celebrate a dear friend's 80 something? birthday tonight and I felt a renewal and strength in the energy around the room. Stories were told and I think embellished; laughter and jokes sprinkled the pink and white room and the raspberry filled white creme cake was the hit of the evening. When you love someone please do not forget to tell them and tell them now! Life is short so eat dessert first and kiss right after...that negates all calories...this is a rumor I am starting on my own.
We stopped by the girls house tonight to say goodbye and assure them they would receive a postcard from our journey's landmarks to show them we will never forget them! Thank you Vicki ...I love you and Jennifer too! You share and show such generosity in times of a sometimes chaotic environment. Enjoy the Art Walk in downtown Newark and there is an ice cream social on Friday night. The artists and merchants have united to give the community a family friendly event with very little costs. Art Saves Lives! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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