Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July first and the summer roars on....

We had a rainy day today but the flowers were oh so grateful and I took the time to clean...really clean my bedroom. I washed the white drapes with a bit of trepidation because they were inexpensive and I was not too sure how they would wash and wear. They did just fine and look great now. I hand washed my glass paper weight and perfume bottle collection and they look so beautiful when the Sun came back out. Ken washed the windows and the floors so we really performed a top notch job and it feels good. The sheets have been washed and the room has a fresh clean smell...I will enjoy sleeping in my bed tonight.

I went over to Tina and Ryan's to say goodbye before they take off got their first family vacation to Myrtle beach with my other daughter Sherry. Excitement filled the room and I know they will have a wonderful time once they get down there and settle into the beach mode and RELAX! I will miss them so much but I am glad they get a chance to get away and play in the healing waves of the Atlantic ocean. The girls will have a great time and I look forward to hearing all their stories when they return. I will try to put up a couple of the pictures I took tonight at their house as they loaded up the car.

I want to continue my observations of the latest LCA exhibit and please check out Carol Vasenko's wonderful assemblages and a new member Danny Towning's Raku and woven entries... they are remarkable. Barb Sterling celebrated this year with her Mother and Daughter plus her Vanity entries. David Williams soft brushstrokes touch my soul as I come close to gaze into his intimate oils. Jo Rice's Mystical Forest is so touchable ...I didnot touch but I wanted to. Constance Faddis Dragon Play possesses kinetic motion in it swirls of moving colors. Don Cochran's Guardian Angel is a miracle in soft pastel and has an energy that will soothe a viewers nerves with its inner quiet. If you get a chance go back for a private viewing and take in the wonderful gifts present. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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