Friday, July 31, 2009

south carolina....

I am here at last with the family and we went on a ghost tour/history of the city within the walls of city to tell tales. I am frustrated by an unfamiliar computer but will attempt to senak a short blog in from time to time. Weddings can be hectic and two families meeting for the first time in a strange city can be exhausting...kind of like herding kittens who just want to explore and play and are rarely on time at the same time. This city is magical and on a walking tour in a light rain last night I felt transported to another time when peril was in the air with pirates, government officials documenting our every move in the moonlit streets. The 13 hour drive and then out body was crying out loud...I need rest.
Today is slower and quieter and we are just finishing our late breakfast and about to take a short stroll around the historical district to still have time to come back for a swim before the rehearsal. The time is slipping away and I know I am missing sooooo much. I had wanted to go to the Magnolia Plantation this morning but I had exhausted myself yesterday.
soft summer breezes
float around our bodies
as we navigate unfamiliar surroundings
music drifts from inside almost mysterious doorways
beckoning us to step inside for
the unfolding story
of life here in Charleston
beckoning us to make our own history
as we walk on the cobble stone streets in the middle
of a chapter yet to be written
of a summer day in the Carolinas.
Distant voices
plans developed
for a new life for my Amber aand Michael.
Affirmations for harmony
and a sense of growing oasis of serenity.
The future is revealing as I put these words down to rremember.
Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Enjoy your time in Charleston, I am sure the wedding will be beautiful. Take a moment to refresh yourself it's hard to enjoy excitement if your exhausted.