Thursday, July 23, 2009

Curtis you are a super star!!!!

My mural/artist friend was on the CBS Morning Show yesterday in New York city demonstrating his incredible expertise in street art for the public masses. He has created three downtown murals here in Newark and I helped him on the first one...I was so lucky. Today he is working daily in Columbus documenting the history of long times ago. Yesterday he created...with children helping him... a three D effect of a morning pancake breakfast complete with hot steaming coffee and a large glass of OJ. Art You Can Walk On by Rick Compton demonstrates several of Curtis's different styles and examples of an art form that has been growing since the 1980's and in over 50 art festivals throughout the United States. Bravo dear Curtis!!!! You did us all proud!

The show must go on and the Missoula Children's Theater production of the Pied Piper has moved right along and I am amazed at how well the children have come together to create a cohesive demonstration of playful creativity. The little Rats...a Vermin one of my favorites plus the Zombie Rat walk out of the hamlet is a scream. Tomorrow is the final rehearsal day and the costumes and sets are ready to go. Maya Rose has a new white blouse and her black pants to create a professional Usherette look. The transformation is exciting to witness as these children celebrate the Arts and make the script their very own.

My day was almost ruined....if I would have let it...I was given a parking ticket for overstaying my three hour permit. I have to go to court so I am sure this will appear in a piece in the very near future. Frustration!

Have a great evening and we are enjoying refreshing evening rains that are much needed in the farmers fields and our lawns and gardens. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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