Monday, July 20, 2009

Missoula Children's Theater...Pied Piper with Billy Hart and Johanna Brooks

How do you audition 104 excited young aspiring actors between the ages of 5 through 18 for about 50 individual parts? For two hours Billy and Johanna; both in their twenties mesmerized these blooming young Thespians and went over several different actor exercises and some dramatic demonstrations and a few quick dance steps. This amused the waiting parents and grandparents as I tried very hard not to become one of those crazy stage Moms who wave directions to their young prodigies from the sidelines. When all was said and done Miss Sabrina was selected to be a cheese grubbing and terrorizing RAT for the small hamlet's community. Maya Rose was not selected but with moist eyes she proudly announced her sister would make a great Rat with this Pied Piper production. We quickly signed her up for two theater workshops on Wednesday morning...the first is at 9 AM and is "What If" magic questions that will take the imagination to places where you have never ever been before. Maya will work with imaginative props while creating a character on the stage. The second workshop is Improvisation to help the students develop their thinking and doing skills in an environment where anything can happen. I was exhausted when the two hours were completed and we took the girls for quick sandwiches to rev up their energy levels for the evening's activities. I was so impressed at how they both participated in a large group like today's and in front of everyone and their families. I am not too sure I could have done this at an early age but they faced the challenge and gives them both bragging rights for just being there. Maya will also become an usher for the second performance this Saturday and seems very happy to just be there in the middle of all the activities...I think she will need a new outfit to perform her duties but I do have to check the correct dress code for this challenging exercise.

We were home for no more than ten minutes when Julie Barrett called to let us know that her cousin was in town from Sacramento for a family reunion so we got back into the car for a quick trip to renew Earlham college days from many moons ago. Once again her garden became a serene nurturing gathering place surrounded by beautiful day lilies and sweet fragrance filled the evening air. Soft murmurs of conversations floated on the quiet evening breezes and laughter sprinkled the garden with loving human embraces and remembrances. Thank you dear Julie for sharing your family with us if only for a brief time but plans are already being made for next year's trip home to Newark so the guys can get out on the golf course for "MAN stuff". I felt honored to be included with such wonderful people.

I need to get off now to make a piece of mail art to send to New Zealand for an exchange with a blog mate who has entered my daily circle of friends that I have never met in person. This is a portal of intent and I want to play for awhile so I can get it in the US mail. Life is good and each day blooms with the promise of sharing simple gifts with the people we love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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