Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...the final night of celebration...

Of course I am tired and the weather was cold and intermittent rain but the hot dogs with the community association was another memory for the heart. The children were squealing with anticipation of the actual trick or treat activities and the gathering of candy candy candy!!! Ken and I took turns holding the little monkey while Cole ran with his best buddy Jackson. Miss Morgan wore her princess cape and ran with little witch extraordinaire Miss Bella. I really did not need to know any of the other children but just wishing them all a very Happy Halloween was a joyful experience for me.

I began some intensive examination of an antique quilt I am attempting to restore enough to be able to put into an exhibit that will open this Friday. I really have my work cut out for me....the actual damage was much more extensive than I had first suspected... I should always open the entire quilt up and perform a thorough inspection before i jump into a work project. I wish I could have a month to hand stitch to support the weaken fibers and attempt to close up some smaller aberrations in the seams. I am surprised and highly suspect that there has been insect infestation that has caused the most severe damage. I will do the best I can in such a short amount of time but it is going a couple of intense late night work to meet the deadline. Wish me luck...I am going to need it. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. the quilt needs affirmations and so do I......


  1. Mary Helen; Love your Halloween parade! I don't get trick or treaters up my hill (yes, it is higher than yours!) so I enjoyed seeing the smiling little boo-sters on your blog. Hope all is well, I can see you're leaving us all in your fabulous creative rainbow dust!
    Peace & Snickers,
    La Cyd

  2. thanks for sharing all the family smiles and fun of the season.
    Wow the quilt does need is going to be terrical when you spin your magick on it.
    Happy Halloween, Linda

  3. Oh How I love seeing all of the kiddos dressed up for halloween! Too cute! Thanks for sharing yours. I must say you look really" thin "in your costume! LOL

    Yes, you really do have your work cut out for you on that quilt! OH MY! I had 3 to restore last year and I hated every min. of it as I kept seeing more and more to do!

  4. Such happy smiling faces!!! It looks like a wonderful time!!!

  5. It looks like it was loads of fun!!!

  6. I always love the smiling proud faces in your photos. Being creative brings those things out.