Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday and my dear cardiologist has the patience to deal with me...

I spent the day over at the Ohio State East Clinic with a special very pregnant cardiologist... I was late because I got lost again. I never seem to find the right exit ...they are working all over Columbus but once I arrived I told the receptionist late or not...I was not coming back if I did not see my doctor. My blood pressure was high but the drive is enough to make anyone who is driving their husband's new car...very nervous. I think this goes back to remembering my Mom and Dad's new car episodes....she was always the first one to put a scratch or worse on the car. I have learned my blood work is improving...I still have mono... but the pericardium on my heart is now thicker. I will have to continue my monitoring of my blood pressure and blood work to insure that the heart is still free enough to beat freely without restriction. (Tricky with Lupus) Lupus is continuing to progress on my systems but if I continue to manage the daily balance of energies and rest ...well let's say the studio is great for me!!!

I met Ken for soup and half sandwich at a Panera's is a favorite of mine...they have great breads and soups. I visited to Archiever's Store...they are fairly expensive but I did find a special stamp for Ken's students as they create bookmarks...kind of like I showed my grandchildren. Tomorrow I will cut the papers for him and on Wednesday they will get started! I have calling hours on Wednesday.... for a very dear woman who has been a very influential force in my life and the lives of others in the art community. Rosanna Moore was a retired art teacher who had a car accident coming home from church last Sunday and died this week while in a coma. Rosanna was a gentle spirit who made all types of ART but her wood carvings were superb. I own a very small one... that I will treasure it all my life.

I am including some photos from my weekend with the little ones. I did find the special princess panties for our little Morgan Elizabeth to wear when she goes to the Big girl preschool. Have a great week in your studios and I will be back soon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Happy Anniversary to the Spalding family...both serious and silly!!! I love you all to the moon and back! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Glsd you are better if just a little, your creative recipe for healing seems to be doing the trick. So good to hear. xox Corrime

  3. Glad to hear you are moving toward recovery!

  4. Mary wonderful to see the beautiful family pictures.....I am glad you are feeling better.....

  5. Mary wonderful to see the beautiful family pictures.....I am glad you are feeling better.....

  6. Hey Mary Helen, Sorry to hear that you are going through some medical issues. They all end up being warning signs that we should slow down and realize what is most important in life! Hug and embrace the moment for some day those days are gone. So sad to hear the outcome of your art friend's car accident.
    I swear that someday, Gabriela and I will get together and get to meet you!
    Enjoying your photos and great posts:)