Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday and a celebration for a dear friend of all children...

Today was the first day when the damp cold slapped me in the face. The rain continued and the wind seemed to go through my skin to my bones. I had a lady from a church come to visit because she was searching for an afternoon or early evening art activity for her three age groups of her congregation. I advised her to seek out Lynn Logan Grimes at The Works and her programs she offers to the local school and church communities. I also explained the Craft Night at The Grill where the two younger groups could enjoy a Family night out with a $2.00 dinner for children, a craft, a movie and a special small treat in the middle of the week, a Wednesday night special for the upcoming weeks of winter. Desiree seemed pleased and we will have to see how this develops in the near future.

After work I went down to my beloved YES club and today's dedication of the new wing for the high school students complete with a tutoring room, game room , computer room, an Art room and did I say color color color everywhere. My dear friend who has been a champion of children at risk for all of Newark. Working for 18 years TODAY with the children at risk from every walk of life here in Licking county. Two brothers...the Murphy men took an old car wash with an architect and donations from every walk of life here to create this amazing space for after school activities and a lot more. We all want to remember the power of one....Vee Hottle came from the probation systems of our courts to making a home of safety and a wealth of educational and fun programs to create new citizens for Newark. Youth Engaged in Service....thank you Vee for your loving vision and dedication. Herb Murphy and his loving wife Patricia began the funds drive for the new, expanded space for the growing numbers of students in need of a place to unite and finish their high school programs and graduate. I took many photos but my assistant is not here right now so I will post a few later. Thank you to everyone involved with the Licking County Foundation who saw the future in their hands and arranged to make the necessary funds to complete this special mission...Art Saves Lives!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Pray... for the grieving community of Zanesville and the loss of wild creatures...18 endangered Bengal Tigers ...almost 50 of God's creatures. I am hoping this will be the last lesson the legislature of Ohio needs to change the laws preventing this from ever happening again. The man's suicide is still a mystery...but he never should have been entrusted with the care of these beautiful wild exotic animals.


  1. I always love your posts. It amazes me all that you do and involved in with so much compassion! You are such an inspiration to all!

    Yes, it is so sad that all of those animals had to be put down. The man sure wasn't in his right mind. It always takes such a horrible lesson for laws to be changed.

  2. Those animals! I was not happy that they killed them instead of using tranquilizers! So sad! As for the question you asked about the shoes - they are part of the mizzoni collection at Target stores! Super cute!

  3. I've been away but am trying to catch up. Very sad story about the animals dying, and as always your photos of so many smiling faces has touched me. Like Needlewings posted, your blog is an inspiration.

  4. It was shocking to hear about, hope the state pays attention. A sad day surely. xox Corrine