Thursday, October 13, 2011

my refuge....

"A studio like a poem is an intimacy and freedom ." I fell in love with this quote from a fellow blogger from Cinnamon Studio-Marie from Larkspur, CO. Yesterday and today I have had many visitors while I was working and totally enjoyed every minute of it. Yes this is a distraction for most ...but my focus was to be a working artist in a very live able space... an approachable space where everyone can witness the processes daily made to grow on this journey of being an artist. I had the best job ever when I was working in the LCA gallery space ...but now this is my opportunity to ride the rapids....go with the flow...hits the turbulence....and some days when I am really blessed I get to float along and just enjoy the ride. Today I had visitors from another school with their Art teacher and they were so inquisitive and curious...something we all need to aspire to grow in our hearts. Later I guided a dear friend with her Liturgical Year visual presentation for her Religion class...I gave her my design elements and brushes and stamps and ...let her experience and explore her visual images of her Faith. She has a great start and I gave her another set of stamps and multiple color ink pad collection to put the year's divisions like Ordinary time, Lent, Advent, Easter....etc. Next Wednesday she will come back early and we will complete the final details she decides to use to complete this assignment...I encouraged her to enjoy the process and making something beautiful for an assignment is a bonus.

I worked on another three dimensional Halloween piece to put into a shadow box ...I hope to complete the final details and install the finished work into a deep shadow box. Tonight I have to make a special tee shirt for Samantha for her costume on Saturday ..her boyfriend is going to be Inspector Gadget and she is his trusty assistant. I have two tees that I will combine tonight to one tee so she will just put up her cute blonde hair into ponytails and be all ready!

It is raining tonight but before I lost the day's light I tried to capture the beauty of their colors ...stupendous in the light of the dusk of the day. I love the beauty of the leaves as they bid us farewell even though this means a drastic change of winter creeping into our days. Enjoy the moment and keep yourself open to possibilities. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Loved the fun just curious is your studio in a cafe as well? I see tables around or do you just use the tables for people to work on projects? How inspiring!!