Sunday, October 2, 2011


Friday was an incredible day preparing for the Big birthday party for my friend Clare...I am Olivander's Wand shop proprietor from the Harry Potter series. The girls will unit to create their own magic wands to let in the light in their happy ,kind hearts. I have way too elements to sparkle and just play the creation day away. There was lots of glitz as the pictures will share...happy Birthday are a bright light in our future. Saturday the chill of Fall roared into our neighborhoods and the glass studio was 82 degrees where we were creating the about hot flashes:0). I also attended part of the demos and short lectures with 4 of the 6 artists in the creative exhibit in The Works Gallery. Jenny Reynolds and Jane Heller organized a wonderful hour of explorations and discussions of their unique layers of mediums. I came home exhausted but what a full day of inspiration and the girls were just delightful!!!!

Later that afternoon we headed over to babysit for Erin and Chance's 7TH anniversary getaway. Cole is 4 and has held my heart from the moment he held onto my hand in the delivery room. Morgan is 2 and a delightful little pixie of a miniature Erin and finally baby Lyndon who is now ready to just take on the world literally. Just being with them and spending time with words fail to express the simple pleasures they fill my heart! The night was one slept in their beds ...well not for the whole night at least but the morning arrives very early when you are a tiny tiny person. I made homemade banana pancakes with a dusting of cinnamon and with fresh grapes and milk...they ate and ate and ate some more. As my few photos will demonstrate...a good time was held by all. Cole and Morgan gave me a special beauty treatment ...and they were very gentle with my little head. We took a family photo ...informal yes but ever so sweet. We headed home and I received a call from the Midland Theater to come on down to fill in for the expanding audience for Ricki Lee Jones. She has been a favorite of mine since the late 70's ...her voice defies any description but the one you might remember is "Chuck E 's in Love". The evening related her personal history and journeys over the decades...complete with horns, guitars and piano and keyboards!!! I am tired but grateful for every minute of this weekend. I am blessed! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am so tired so I will post the rest...well a selected few photos tomorrow. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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