Friday, October 7, 2011

the flutter of colors....

"Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." Pablo Picasso
The change of the seasons is so elegantly dancing on the hillside and the colors flood the heart's memory of years gone by...memories from the heart. The leaves are beginning to make their final flight on the soft currents of the undulating wind stream in my valley. I am reminded by the end of the days flickering light passing through the trees ...a time of change is at hand. There is a sense of foreboding...and yet gentle evenings with a fire in the fireplace and a shared dinner with friends gathered at our small dining room table over a glass of wine and conversation. For every season... there is a gift with the passing of time.

I donated my mono-print "SongBird" to an art auction tomorrow morning to help finance the St. Luke's children's choir scheduled to perform in England at Oxford in 2012. My dear friend Kathy Anderson immediately offered to donate one of her fabulous painting for the festivities in the morning. I am hopeful tomorrow will bring in the needed funds who may not be able to come up with the needed funds. Kathy and Tony and I had a quick lunch together. After every one left to make their destinations and errands..I eased back into my studio and began to clear the table for Sophie's visit tomorrow after the auction. At lunch Lynn Logan Grimes and Larry Tuber stopped by for a quick chat. There is an opening next Saturday during The Harvest Festival ...there will be a special opening for our visiting glass art resident Dan. I am sorry to say I have forgotten his last name but will try to remember later. So many irons in the fires at The Works. I am trying to just keep up.

I work on my work space papers...I like to add bits and pieces from the week's work onto the surface and have no idea how I will use this finished altered page. I love just getting lost in reassembling a jumble of colors and silks and ribbons...into a fun exercise in pure play. I am tired right now so I will keep this short. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the colors dancing on the horizon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Beautiful words about the change of the seasons. Love the bird print. Always enjoy your posts.

  2. Color everywhere this time of year, and your post reflects that! Congratulations on donating your print for an important benefit, good luck with what it brings!

  3. Pusan what a hectic life. It must be all those children that keep you ticking - I wish your health well xx

  4. You are right, I noticed today from our car, color everywhere! As always, great pics!