Sunday, October 30, 2011

Josh Turner and his "Haywire" tour....

The Barry White of Country music hit Newark tonight with his Haywire tour and the place was almost a sale out. He is a very personable young man rooted in his faith and love for making country music. His beautiful wife was on keyboards and back up vocals. The music was rocking and the place was jumping. I ended up working the side stage door so the preview lucky pass owners could go down for a private meet and greet! There were two special fans from Canton, Ohio who were celebrating a 16TH birthday and barely sat in their seats during the whole concert...I had to ask them to promise not to go up on stage or in front of the stage performers... I even gave up my aisle seat so they could sit...well dance together for the whole performance. Now I am home and caught up on my emails and stuff and very tired. I do not have any photos because I did not take my camera ...but I do have an autograph on my CD!!!! Thank you Josh for coming to rock Newark. He is up for two Grammys in Las Vegas so vote every day for this wonderful and uprising star. His Faith in God was very evident in his lyrics tonight so if you are not familiar with him please give his website a can see his videos and listen to his music and buy merchandise if you are inclined. I am off to bed now but HAPPY Halloween!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. This is my favorite....Sock Monkey Zombie!!! I think his Mom made this special for him. I just love Sock Monkeys of all kind! Happy Halloween!

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  1. How very cool that you got your CD signed by the very bass Mr. Turner. Way cool way to spend a Sunday evening.
    This sock monkey is a riot....I love it. Oma Linda