Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scarecrows dance in the studio....

Halloween is just around the corner and Harvest Scarecrows were our theme tonight. I think everyone enjoyed cutting, tearing, pasting, and using foam stamps to create their very own harvest Festival scarecrow. I so enjoy the giggles and laughter that seem to erupt for little of no reason. I have "Psych" on as I am working on my special hat to wear tomorrow when I volunteer to pass out treats for Halloween at the Midland. I am praying the weather forecasters are wrong...they are predicting cold rain all evening. I hope they are wrong...I might have to wear my long johns just to keep warm. Very spooky night ahead of us all.

I spent the day working but I cannot share just yet but the visitors seemed to enjoy seeing my workspace table. Yes to others it may appear to be a messy space but artists gravitate to the small minute pieces of collectibles and odds and ends. I end picked up a fragment from a repair job on one of the lights in the central gallery...I am not sure what I will incorporate it in ...but I know I am drawn to the shapes and textures.

Maya Rose wants to wait until tomorrow before I get to photograph her in her Halloween cheer leader outfit. She tried in on in the bathroom but would not let anyone see it until tomorrow's trick or treat adventure's. I am trying to be patient myself because i wanted to see how the final fit was... tomorrow is soon enough. Have a great night and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Did I ever tell you I love the name of your studio...whispers and echoes. Very nice.

  2. this is a beautiful, beautiful post, mary helen, and you are a beautiful person. thank you for your kind words at my place. i deeply appreciate them.



  3. I have to tell you how much I LOVE reading your posts. The art, the children - so much to enjoy. Everyone always looks so happy with their artwork. I love all the pictures and stories - you are just amazing!

  4. Sounds like you're in the spirit of things...excuse the pun!! LOL Hope the weather works out for you. Out here in west TX, we're finally cooling down a bit, but they predicting we'll be back into the 80's by next week...bother.

    I know people from up North are enjoying our lovely weather, but we natives are tired of it and would like to have a bit of cool weather so we can at least break out our coats now and then!! Plus, the allergies are killing us...the flora and fauna can't make up it's mind weather to die or bloom!! OY!! The only creatures who've got this down are the birds...the grackles are gone and this morning we saw a huge, migrating hawk up in our tree...better keep on eye out for my Chihuahuas when they go outside!! LOL

    Have a great week.


  5. I agree with Linda Moran's comment, all those smiles always get my attention. Isn't fall and Halloween fun, especially for kids?!

  6. Halloween is fun for us all..if we remember to celebrate the child in our hearts! Trick or treat! Peace, Mary Helen