Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays....whoops...

Today I have been a wee bit off...more than usual for a Tuesday but I did manage to spill my glass of tea on the wet work table...yes... now it is really a wet working space. No use crying over split tea...a very small and I do mean small joke. It is one way to arrange to get he space cleared off a wee bit. I did have some incredible friends drop by the studio and they are the group from my favorite Bluegrass group "Frosty Morning" They perform every Monday in a small place in Hebron and hopefully I will get down to hear them perform with a chance before the weather turns too icy. They are both loving couples dedicated to each other and spread the state of Grace everywhere they are and especially in their sweet down home music. Then Gail brought in another piece of her wonderful assemblages and I immediately put it up on an easel. She then spent time roaming my studio space for inspiration...she loves to just walk around and peruse the multitude of materials on my worktable. (Beside the wet spot from the spilt ice tea...) Vicki came in to drop off some materials for her special "Man "party to purchase possible Christmas gifts for their favorite ladies for the upcoming holidays or December birthdays. Then my dear friend and artist George hobbled into the studio on crutches. He had broken his ankle in three places and under gone major surgery for reconstruction. As a young father of two small boys he missed a week of work in a great deal of pain. He assured me that the boys have been very supportive but this situation has to be very trying for them all. His medications have altered his body's temperature and he has discovered hot flashes...it was something we could all share and laugh about. On my next hospital visit I am planning a visit to his law offices to see his private collection of art from several artists in our mid-Ohio area. I worry about him being able to take care of day to day activities like laundry and groceries and cooking. And we all know I am a dynamo when it comes to doing laundry...so George please think about it...I am very reasonable ...practically Free :0)!

I visited the visitors bureau to make our dinner reservations for the annual dinner in two weeks and submit my marketing materials for consideration for an award...humble as they may be I am really proud to say that I am still here after a little over a year. No I am not making a lot of money :0) but I have a very rich life. Tomorrow will be a better day and for now I am off to continue my restoration work on the civil war quilt...send more affirmations please. (check yesterday's photos on the post)

I also received a life size Santa to complete for the Holiday extravaganza the day after Thanksgiving. Whew I do have my work cut out for me... as you can see. This is a working studio so work I will do!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

The Indian Mounds were so beautiful today in the afternoon sunlight through the flutter of falling leaves.

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  1. Yes, I believe you do have a rich life indeed. :)