Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays...and a spooky Halloween Rush job....

Today was absolutely beautiful...a cool, crisp morning with glorious skies warming into a warm Fall day. I came home at 4 PM to work on a Halloween Cheerleader costume in black flannel and Peace sign kick pleats. Now I have never made a cheerleader skirt before and this time it involved some Math and ..well tonight I have a cute skirt for my dear Maya Rose. The tee shirt is black with a pink/black zebra capital "M" with the cutest little ghost with a pink tutu skirt. On the back It say Trick or Treat...an iron on that was difficult to work with ...so I added some silver stars for the glitz value that my 12 year old grand daughter just loves. It is now after 11 PM and the finishing touches can be added tomorrow. I hope she loves this as much as I love making it just for her! We found great skeleton pantyhose to wear with her white tennis shoes. I found purple and white pom-poms at the Walmart so we are almost there. I want to make her a special pony tail holder with a multitude of Halloween ribbons and some additional pumpkin punches glued to the tips. She asked me to look for purple eye shadow...so that is to be determined if that will pass her mother's approval. This is Maya Rose's first year in middle school and we all know how challenging this transition can be ...but she has made the grade in the first grading period. We are so proud of her!!! Her little sisters wanted a bought in the store costume...Sabrina will be Cleopatra and little Hannah is going to be a pirate. Do you remember when our costumes were all hand made and usually a "Hobo" theme with a twig handkerchief ruck sack tied to the end ...life was never better than on Halloween night and the treasures were lots of candy candy candy!!!

I made templates for the Family night activities ...the Harvest theme continues with cue paper scare crows to delight the hearts of all who want to play. On Thursday I am handing out candies for the Midland Trick or Treat night from 5 to 7 on the courthouse square. It is a safe walkabout because all of the businesses participate to make the treating enjoyable for all involved. I made a special collage in a box for Ken's class so when they start their spooky creative writing exercises on Thursday. Ken is a fantastic reader and will start with Edgar Allen Poe's "A Tale Tell Heart"...I am tired so I will have to check the spelling on this title. But I know from past year's how wonderful Ken's voice carries the dark, dark secrets from Poe's classic tale.

Have a great day in your studio tomorrow... I will try to post a few photos tomorrow of the finished projects. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I want to see pics of the costume, I bet it is great! Share with us later my friend. xox Corrime

  2. I loved Halloween when my kids were little. We served hot apple cider in a huge coffee urn from a exterminating company. Their logo was a huge rat. lol I made homemade spice cookies, that was back in the day when you could eat fresh, homemade goodies and not worry about terrible things happening to you. The weather was usually cold, damp and not pleasant but the kids and parents of the neighborhood made it all worth while. :)Bea

  3. It up to folks like us to keep Halloween fun for kids. The ones of us who realize that it is fun and good and needs to be passed on as such. Linda