Tuesday, October 18, 2011

two words.....Aminah Robinson

I am on fire. Today Aminah Robinson visited The Works and I had a chance to hug, photo, talk, laugh, share our years and yes....I cried just being with her once again. Aminah and I met over 25 years ago when she comforted me when our dear friend Libby Gregory and her assistant Shelly died in an airline landing accident in California. I had attended the memorial service ...and literally fell apart in my grief. Aminah was sitting beside me and reached over to hold my trembling hand and said quietly that I should know Libby will be with me forever...in my heart. I want you to Google Aminah Robinson..instead of me humbly bumbling her amazing history in the ART world. She has blessed us all!!!! Her work is and has been an inspiration to me my whole life as an artist...the vivid colors, the quilts, the buttons, the music boxes, the murals and of course her books. I will fill you in later when more news develops. I have been blessed!

I did order the Van Gogh:The Life by Steven Naifeh and his co-author...I am sorry I am delirious so I will report when my new loving acquisition and my adoration of this incredible artist. Have a wonderful evening. Peace be with you all! I am so Happy!!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I VOTED today!!!


  1. Did I mention how much I respect my dear Aminah Robinson??? Peace, Mary Helen

  2. Due my trips to the Columbus Ohio area I was introduced to Aminah Robinson. The quality and quanity of her work is amazing! What a fine thing to be able to visit with this fine artist.

  3. Thanks for sharing this..I am off to learn more about her!

  4. You look in heaven with your friend. xox Corrine