Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday and a visit from my dear teacher friend Connie....

I went into the studio today to clean and organize ...but I had so many wonderful visitors ...and I met another woman who had history of the Trucking One Co. and she shared her story of her family living in Newark. Connie came in after having lunch and I shamefully walked her through my studio and shared some ideas for the upcoming months...she was a wonderful teacher and knows the importance of an education. The more you learn...the more you earn... I will come back to this one thought later. Connie has been a very influential woman in creating spaces for both learning and healing and childcare and never seems to tire when it comes sharing her wealth and experience. She is mighty ...while tiny in stature she has a heart of Gold. I am lucky she has been in my life over the years I have been on my art journey. She made a small donation so I can but the paper for the prints we are making to send to the troops in the give them a view of seasonal, blissful snow scenes. Thank you dear Connie!

Gail came in for a conversation ...and we ended up making plans to create one evening soon in her new home. I am going to ask Ken to make his world famous French Onion Soup. After she left...I did stay and work on a few more Halloween cards to make sure I have enough for the last few October days on the Horizon. I enjoyed working in the quiet of the afternoon...peacefully making "play" in the colors and just Halloween fun design elements. I do hope to get more work done tomorrow though. I need to find a way to make more than the that selfish? I would be happy to build up a little savings cover expenses for future projects and maybe a trip or two!!! Have a great week! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. The beautiful black cat is my 19 year old Desdemona rising from her step to greet me when I came home today...she is such a sweet creature.


  1. Desdemona is a beauty with a wonderful name.
    Regarading earning more...I believe being happy at what we do is more important than making money. But it is nice to have some put away for peace of mind. I surely do not know the answer to that one. Hope your day is a happy one.

  2. What a lovely Kitty. You certainly know how to hold sacred space for community. You have welcomed true friends with true hearts to surround your self with. xox Corrine